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August 9, 2018

Michael Block

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. How special was it for you to get to hit the first shot of the PGA?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I'll tell you what, it hasn't even sunk in yet, what just occurred. Still in the clouds for the moment. This is something I'll cherish the rest of my life without a doubt. I can't believe it's even real for PGA members such as myself that grew up a mile from this course, came to the 1992 PGA as one of the patrons, a 15-year-old kid, just in awe of these guys. To be that guy on the other side now is pretty surreal.

Not to mention running into a lot of my high school friends and college teammates when I'm out there. It's pretty surreal since I haven't seen anyone in over 20 years.

Q. Do you remember the course from '92 and the difference in the course?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I do. I remember where I was stationed. I remember I was on hole 13 just getting autographs. I remember getting Payne Stewart and Nick Price, my two favorite guys. I still have it on a ticket that I brought that day.

Q. First of all, were there any jitters? Bogeys on the front?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I did. You know, honestly, to tell you the truth, I just kind of lost my swing with my irons. I kind of piped it right down the middle on the 1st hole with my driver. But I got to be honest with you, I was playing on 3 wood all week long. I've only been hitting 3 woods there, and I told my caddie before I got up there, I don't know if I can even make contact with my 3 wood right now. I want the biggest head possible. So I went with my driver and pumped it down the middle, which felt really good.

My irons just killed me today. Just kind of coming underneath and flipping it, and it caused me some bogeys I didn't need.

Q. 17 looked good.
MICHAEL BLOCK: 17, I got it to lay up like I wanted it. I did a tip for the television station and laid up and made my birdie just like I told everyone on the couches to do.

Q. Your emotions when they announced your name on the 1st hole?
MICHAEL BLOCK: You know what, it felt great. I love all the fan support, everyone here in St. Louis. It's such a sports friendly town, and everyone really supports all of their sports, the Cardinals and everyone else, the Blues. For them to all come out here and actually -- it seems like so many of them actually recognize me due to the great recognition from these -- the local newspapers and TV stations. It's been fantastic.

Q. So were you on -- you said you saw like high school friends and stuff like that on the course today?
MICHAEL BLOCK: Yeah, today. Right in the middle of the turn, I saw one of my old friends. When I'm out there, they're all yelling. I walk over, I wish I could hang out with you right now, but I've got to keep playing. Yeah, hopefully, I can hang out with a couple of them tonight or the next night. It's been really, really cool, thanks.

Q. If you had to pick a hole from today, do you have a favorite or just everything in general?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I would say the first shot. Yeah, the first shot felt amazing. You should have seep all the texts and e-mails I got once that was released that the PGA had done that for me. I mean, I feel like such a little pion in the PGA of America world or just the golf world in reality. For them to give me the honor of hitting the first shot in a major championship in my hometown is unbelievable.

Q. How did you find that out, Mike?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I started getting texts. I think I was out practicing and started getting texts and told you're going to hit the first shot in the 100th PGA Championship. I had to get on and look myself. It's a pretty cool honor.

Q. How many times have you played this course before?
MICHAEL BLOCK: I played this a couple times when I was 12, 13 years old. I don't remember too much from those days. I think I was playing from the family tee box or the ladies tee box at that point. But, yeah, it was cool. A little different.

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