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August 9, 2018

Ryan Fox

St. Louis, Missouri

RYAN FOX: It always plays pretty soft. Practice rounds they're always in the middle of the green. So it plays as easily as it can get. It played tough. A lot of it plays tough, especially on the shorter holes. They tuck them, and you head to the shots to give yourself a birdie chance. That rough is pretty nasty. It's still a struggle. A couple of those long holes, if you hit it in the rough, it was really tough just to scrape the par out of there. I think that shows a little bit in the scoring today.

Q. You're a fairly long hitter. Thought you had a bit of an advantage on this type of a golf course. What holes specifically did that length really help you?
RYAN FOX: It helps on the par 5s a lot. I've got to hit two really good shots to get there in two. I think that takes quite a few guys out. It becomes a three-shot par 5. And there's a couple other holes, 1 and 18, I can take a couple of the bunkers out of play.

Also the two long holes on the front on 4 and 5, if you hit good drives, it makes the hole a lot easier. They were playing pretty long this morning. I think I hit a couple of 6 irons in there. I'm sure those guys hit a bit more club than that. The golf course is playing pretty tricky, I think.

Q. What was it like playing with Michael block?
RYAN FOX: That was fantastic. I read the Golf Digest article on him in the lead up. It's a great story. He's a heck of a nice guy. It would have been -- I'm sure he would have liked to score a little better, but he hit some good shots out there and some great hometown support for him. It was nice and good to see as kids out there getting interviewed. It was just -- it was a cool experience playing with a hometown boy.

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