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August 9, 2018

Austin Cook

St. Louis, Missouri

Q. Quick overview of your round.
AUSTIN COOK: Yeah, started off with 1 with a great birdie there to start the round and start the tournament. Just kind of continued from there. Had pretty stress free until, oh, it was 5th, the par-3? Went long and left there in the bunker and made a good about 18-footer coming back for par there. I think that really got the momentum going again.

Made a good birdie on the next hole.

Struggled on the par-5, 8. Had laid it up in the water, which is always good, but was able to -- then I missed the green with a wedge, so immediately I put myself in double bogey position and I was able to get that up-and-down and save bogey there to stay under par for the round. That just kind of continued into the rest of the round and the back side was pretty smooth and stress free. Had a bogey on 11, but from a bad drive, and able to come in the last four holes or so play 3-under, last five holes maybe, so overall 3-under round, I'm excited about that going into the rest of the week.

Q. They said this was going to be a bomber's golf course but did you see it differently? It's a pretty mixed leaderboard right now.
AUSTIN COOK: Yeah, my caddie and I kind of talked about that this week. A lot of guys were saying bomber, bomber, bomber, but I think with the fairways being so big that the short guys if we miss our tee shot a little bit we're not going to -- if you really miss it you're going to be in the rough, but if you miss it just a little bit you'll be fine. Just hit it in the fairway and still be able to go in the green. With the greens being so soft our 7-irons, 6-irons, 8-irons, will stop pretty quick just like their wedges. So I think that the long guys, they may have to worry a little bit more about spin coming into the shots than we will, but I think this week just with the way that the course is set up, that it's anybody's game.

Q. Did the course change a little bit from the way it looked and played in the practice rounds to the way it played today, somebody was up there saying it was a little bit tougher than he anticipated.
AUSTIN COOK: I kind of knew coming into this weekend what the conditions that they would put some pins on some knobs or put some pins closer to the edge than they typically would. Only thing I think that's changed is just a little, a little dryer. Besides that, I think it's pretty similar.

Q. How is your game right now compared to when you won earlier?
AUSTIN COOK: I don't think I'm hitting the ball as well, but I'm definitely more tired right now just after the long year, but I think that after today I'm feeling pretty good, I've been struggling putting lately and Kip noticed something and we adjusted our hands a little bit, got our hands higher, freed up our arms up a little bit and it looked like it helped out there today. But I think I'm playing great, I think I'm playing good enough to win, so I'm looking forward to the rest of this week.

Q. Is this a course you feel like you can be aggressive on. I know it's long, but can you still be aggressive on this golf course?
AUSTIN COOK: Yeah, right now, yes. If the greens were firm it would be a little different, but with soft greens, I think you can be very aggressive on this golf course.

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