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August 8, 2018

Sierra Brooks

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. So you were pretty tight for the front nine. Can you talk about that a little bit?
SIERRA BROOKS: Yeah, it was kind of back and forth. We both were playing solid and just -- it was a matter of who was going to get it going first and make a putt first. So yeah, Hale I is a great player. I played her three years ago in 2015, and it was the same kind of match; it went down to the end there.

Q. Talk about 16 and 17 where you took the lead to finish the match off.
SIERRA BROOKS: Yeah, I started on -- on No. 14, the par-3, I stuck one to like five feet and made that for birdie and finally got some momentum, and from there was able to finish it off and just keep it going. I hit a lot of good shots coming in.

Q. Going into tomorrow's round of 32, what's your mindset like?
SIERRA BROOKS: Just the same. Just going to play my own game and stay patient, and anything can happen in match play, but just got to -- it's a grind mentally, and just got to battle through it. I've been there before, so I have that experience, but at the same time, it could be anyone's day.

Q. When you come down to the end like that and you're all square, how much do you draw on that past experience?
SIERRA BROOKS: A lot. I mean, I know how -- there's a lot of memories I can go back to that have -- I've been 1-down going to 18 before and won the match, so it's just one of those things it's never over until it's over, and that's one of those things I had to keep telling myself out there, and every shot just fight for every shot.

Q. Obviously it's very hot and humid; what's the key mentally and physically out there?
SIERRA BROOKS: It's tough because it's hot and humid and you don't really want to eat and you want your focus on golf, and that's just as important. Luckily my caddie, her name is also Sierra, too, we're like Sierra squared, but anyway, she's been great with me, just telling me to keep eating and stay hydrated, and it's nice to have that tag team, and it's the most important part of the game really, just to be able to keep your focus out there.

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