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August 8, 2018

Isabella Fierro

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. So you took the lead on 9 and never let it go; talk about the match a little bit.
ISABELLA FIERRO: Yeah, I mean, the match was really close. We had -- I think Alexa and I had really good opportunities on the greens, and what I like about match play is you can miss a green sometimes because no one is perfect, and you still can win the hole or tie it. I just kept my mind really calm, and that really helped me.

Q. Obviously in the quarterfinals last year and coming in this year, how much is that helping you heading into match play this week?
ISABELLA FIERRO: Yeah, I really like to play match play, but the thing is that I have an advantage right now I feel because a friend from Mexico is caddying for me, so we speak the same languages and we make jokes and stuff like that, so when I hit a bad shot, it's not like I'm taking it like, oh, my gosh, I hit a bad shot. It's just like, oh, my gosh, just move on. So he really helps me to calm down and chill things, so yeah.

Q. Who's caddying for you?
ISABELLA FIERRO: Juan Diego Fernández.

Q. And then obviously rain delay this morning, how did that change your mindset coming into today?
ISABELLA FIERRO: Yeah, I knew this morning -- I saw the forecast, and I knew there was going to be a rain delay, so Juan Diego told me, okay, so you need to know there's going to be a delay, maybe an hour, maybe a little bit more, so you need to be prepared for that. So I brought I think it was like some things to warm up and just keep moving my body until he said, okay, it's 94 minutes, the delay, so I started warming up. So I think if you know first there's going to be a delay, your head is like calm.

Q. Coming into this week, it's a long week. What do you think the key is to stay in the right mindset?
ISABELLA FIERRO: Yeah, well, just hit a shot at a time and keep your game -- stay with your game plan and don't change a thing and just have fun.

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