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July 11, 2003

Janice Moodie


MODERATOR: All right, Janice, thanks for joining us after your round. 68, 71, 68, 5 under. Right now, you're in the lead. Can you tell us how it feels? And then we'll take some questions.

JANICE MOODIE: It feels pretty good. I have been struggling for the last month or so.

MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. As you just alluded to, you haven't been playing great of late. Did you see this coming anywhere recently?

JANICE MOODIE: I actually played really well when I finished 12th. There was a couple silly errors. I knew I could have done a little bit better. I think I hang myself up too much. You play well the week before, and you say it's going to be great. I put too much pressure on myself.

Q. What's been your key to success on this golf course?

JANICE MOODIE: Today, I have been 4 under the Back 9. That was my Front 9. Played very, very solid. Nothing terribly long or anything, but some nice putts. My only bad hole was the 9th hole. I think that was everybody's bad hole.

Q. Can you talk about past experiences heading into the weekend near the top of the leaderboard?

JANICE MOODIE: I think, this tournament, I'm feeling very calm. I haven't been playing well, but I haven't gone down on myself whatsoever. I have been very, very positive. I think everybody else around me has been more negative than I have. I'm thinking I'm not in a slump, I'm just working at it. I think that's the attitude I'm going to take into the weekend; play each shot as it comes.

Q. 5 under, is that a bit of a surprise? Some of us thought it would be lower. Is the course playing tougher?

JANICE MOODIE: There is some sneaky things out there. Some of those doglegs, even though they may be shorter holes, it makes it tough. I think the short putts and even the chips and stuff are difficult to judge.

Q. If the showers arrive tomorrow later on in the afternoon, do you think we'll see lower scores?

JANICE MOODIE: Yeah, if the greens soften up a little bit, probably. I'm hoping the showers don't come, especially in the afternoon.

Q. Janice, did you get a chance to talk to Lorie a moment ago inside the club house. I wondered if she gave any indication about the frustration of the hopes of a nation watching here as she misses the cut?

JANICE MOODIE: You just summed it up. She said she felt I think she's more disappointed in herself than anyone else. She wants to perform well and play well in Canada.

MODERATOR: Can you go over your score card.

(Score card done.)

Q. How do you approach the weekend now? Does your mind set change at all?

JANICE MOODIE: I think I'm going to the Dixie Chicks concert tonight. I don't know. What more can I say?

Q. (Inaudible)?

JANICE MOODIE: Really nice. I'm having a great time. Your restaurants are really, really good. I'm having a lot of fun. I actually have friends in Seattle that bought one of the high rise buildings. I might have to take them up on an invite and come back.

Q. Give us a quick recap of your round.

JANICE MOODIE: 5 birdies and 1 bogey.

Q. You mentioned it was a little windier. Could you touch on that really quick?

JANICE MOODIE: Really, there was some tough places. You could get some really good lies or bad lies. It seemed to be a different golf course today than it was yesterday.

Q. You will go to the Dixie Chicks concert. Was that a plan you had?


Q. No plans of skipping it as the leader?

JANICE MOODIE: No. You're playing in the afternoon, so it gives your mind something to goof off on.

Q. Why was play so slow today?

JANICE MOODIE: I really don't know why. I think everybody played in the Canadian Masters or something, you know.

MODERATOR: Thank you, guys. Thank you, Janice.

End of FastScripts....

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