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August 8, 2018

Elizabeth Wang

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. So you said the match was stressful; how were you able to keep the pressure on?
ELIZABETH WANG: I think my dad kept the pressure on more than I did. Yeah, Jennifer is an amazing player, and actually we knew each other because I used to live in Colorado, so we always played junior tournaments together. It was great to be able to play with a friend, especially since we only see each other ones a year now from amateur tournaments, and yeah, she's a really good player.

My dad, I think, was really helpful because sometimes I would hit a really bad shot, and I'm like, oh, my God, what am I thinking, what am I going to do now. Dad is like, oh, don't worry, calm down, just play your own game and you'll be fine.

Q. When you saw the bracket come out and she's the No. 1 player in the world, did that kind of intimidate you?
ELIZABETH WANG: You know, it was really great to see her go up to the No. 1 spot because I did know her when she was eight and I think she was 11, so I'm really happy for her that she's doing really well lately. I mean, to me she's always Jennifer.

Q. What do you like about the match play format?
ELIZABETH WANG: You know, anything can really happen. I remember there was a couple holes where -- I know 17 we both tied with birdie, and it was like, darn. But it's just -- it kind of feels like for me, when I go into match play, I always have this different mentality, which is why I sometimes panic a little bit, and I really I have to learn how to -- it's still golf, you know? It's still one shot at a time into the hole, and I think that's something I need to learn, and it's great that I have a different format that kind of just pushes me outside of that comfort zone and try to figure out how to bring it back.

Q. You had a chance to win it on 18 standing over the putt and then again here, so what was the difference in your mind?
ELIZABETH WANG: No. 18, I think both of us had like longer putts that were like makeable, but they weren't like -- they had the chance of running away from you, so I think my putt I saw was also downhill, so I think for me there, the key point after Jennifer kind of goes maybe about three feet away was to make sure I had good speed, and my dad was like, oh, you can putt it over there, and I was like, maybe I should have a little bit more, and I did putt my line -- don't tell him I said that, but I didn't listen to him, and I was still a little bit low break-wise, and he's like, oh, my God, that's my fault. I was like, no, it isn't, because I really didn't putt your line to begin with. But yeah, No. 18, that was also really stressful because I think after 18, it almost felt like it just depends on luck now. It really is. Because it's just sudden death, and if one person gets lucky and hits a good shot, that's kind of it.

So yeah, I think for No. 18, especially in the condition I was in, like it was downhill and it kind of flattens out, so I couldn't leave myself a chance of a nervous type of putt, so I kind of just had to try to lag it there and hopefully I made it.

No. 1, I actually felt like I was trying to do the same thing, but since it was a little short, I was a little bit more excited. I was like, hopefully this goes in. When it did, I was really happy. I was like, yes, I'm done!

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