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August 8, 2018

Jaclyn Lee

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

JACLYN LEE: It was a good match. I actually wasn't leading in the match up until the 18th hole, I guess, where it mattered. But she had me wanting to make some good putts and all that stuff, so I think she was a great competitor, and I'm excited for tomorrow.

Q. You won 15, 16 to get the match back to all square. Can you talk about those holes a little bit?
JACLYN LEE: Yeah. 15, I had won that with a par. I made a good up-and-down from the bunker, and then 16, that one is -- she just missed a short three-footer for her par, and I made mine for mine. Kind of just two wins where she kind of made the mistake and I just kind of kept doing my thing. But I had given her some putts and shots along the way leading up to it, too. So just kind of back and forth.

Q. And then coming to 18, you're all square. What's going through your mind?
JACLYN LEE: Knowing that I can win it on this last hole, I mean, if we extended it, if we came off 18 all square, it would have gone to sudden death anyway, so 18 was basically the start of sudden death. Yeah, just trying to keep my nerves under control and trying to hit the best shot possible into the green, trying to give myself a chance for birdie.

Q. When you're in situations like that and trying to keep your nerves in check, are there situations or tournaments from the past you recall on?
JACLYN LEE: You know what, not, not really. I just really wanted to do some deep breathing and stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand, which my coach is helping me do. She wanted me to kind of take my time and take my deep breaths to make sure I was prepared to hit that shot.

Q. Coming into this week you were an alternate. You found out Tuesday you were getting in. You've advanced to match play, going to the round of 32. Did you expect this?
JACLYN LEE: Yeah, yeah. I believed that I belonged in this field. To qualify into this tournament, though, it's so difficult. I'm lucky that I'm able to be here, but I feel comfortable here for sure.

Q. Going into tomorrow's round, what's your mindset like?
JACLYN LEE: You know, I think I'm just going to clean up some things after today, but keep doing the same thing and keep the game plan set. Not too much is going to change.

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