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August 8, 2018

Bailey Tardy

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. You were down early, but do you want to talk about the stretch 7 through 10, getting back to all square.
BAILEY TARDY: Yeah, I really got off to a slow start, wasn't hitting the ball well. I think I missed one of my pretty solid yardages on No. 1, and then it just kept going downhill. But it gets pretty hot through 3 through 6. I knew 7 was not necessarily a reachable par-5 but somewhere that I could put it close, my second shot close enough, so I'd have a comfortable distance into the green, and really I left myself a perfect shot and was able to spin it back to the hole about two feet. It just kind of flipped the momentum. I think I really played No. 7 really well, and then No. 8 and 9, I was just trying to make pars really, fairways, greens. I was letting her make the mistakes because I had gone down because I was making mistakes. Yeah, just tried to strike the ball well and keep it in the fairway.

Q. And then 14 through 16?
BAILEY TARDY: Yeah, I'm like having a blur, but yeah, I made a pretty big putt on 16. It was probably like a 35-footer for birdie. And I think -- to go dormie, and that was pretty big. I think we both kind of got in trouble on 15 off the tee. She went left, I went right, and hit a pretty good bunker shot on the green, two-putted, and she three-putted. Again, just kind of letting my opponent make the mistakes and just keeping to my game plan.

Q. You said you've played in a bunch of Women's Ams prior to this. Can you draw from that experience when you go down quick?
BAILEY TARDY: Yeah, I feel like every year I go down like three. I think I did last year, as well, and I came back and won 1-up. Match play you can never give up on yourself. It doesn't matter how much you go down or how much you're up. Just kind of got to act like it's always all square or like you're always trying to win another hole. You can never kind of breathe easy in match play. It's kind of just what I've learned from the past and kind of took that advice and ran with it.

Q. Going into tomorrow's round of 32, is there anything you're going to change?
BAILEY TARDY: I definitely need to work on some iron shots and definitely putting. I didn't putt as well as I did yesterday. So starting the ball on line and kind of picking my targets and committing to them. That's kind of what I'm going to focus on tomorrow.

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