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August 8, 2018

Kristen Gillman

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. You drive up and you see your smiling picture with that trophy; are you reminded of your 2014 win? Is that a little bit of motivation this week?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think it's definitely cool driving up there seeing that because it just kind of reminds you that you've done this before, so it kind of gives you that little confidence that you can do it again.

Q. Do you get little goosebumps or does it bring back good memories?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, it's definitely kind of weird because, I don't know, I still can't believe that I actually won this tournament. It's kind of weird driving up and seeing it, but it's also really cool at the same time.

Q. Do those memories, do you use those memories when you're out on the golf course, especially when you get into match play and you know it's a grind and you know it's going to be a long week if you want to hoist that thing again?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, during that week, I think I was down at least at some point in every single one of my matches, so I think I kind of just think back to that sometimes if I'm down, just to keep fighting, because it's not over until it's over.

Q. Obviously a tough match today, a young 13-year-old girl.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think last year I lost to a Taiwanese 13-year-old last year. I lost to someone that was her age last year, too, so I didn't want to do it again.

Q. You've had a good summer. You make the cut at the U.S. Women's Open in Alabama where you go to school, Curtis Cup 5-0, 3-1 in the Palmer Cup, and you won an event in Japan just three weeks ago?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, it's definitely been a good summer. I think it's just given me some confidence coming into this week. It's been a long summer, but I've enjoyed every second of it.

Q. What do you learn from each one of those experiences, especially going to Japan? Obviously it's a long trip, and you go over there and win a JLPGA event against pretty good players.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think just kind of learning how to deal with -- I learn more about myself when I actually deal with pressure playing in all these tournaments. Even Curtis Cup, that's one of the biggest tournaments that you can play in, so all those girls out there are so good, so you just have to keep grinding out there.

Q. I'm sure this week you know it's a match play event, and if you win it, you've got to win six matches.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think playing match play a lot this summer, too, that's helped me because I think it's kind of a different mindset than stroke play, so I think it's always nice whenever you can practice that.

Q. How about the heat? You're from Texas.
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, it's not really anything different than what I'm used to.

Q. Is this similar to what you get in Austin?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, maybe not as humid, but we still have days that get above 100 degrees. Most days in the summer are above 100.

Q. Any key moment for you in the match that you felt like was a turning point or any key shot that turned the tides for you?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, I think I was 1-down through 4, and I birdied 5 to win that one, so I think any time that you can go from being 1-down to all square is always a big moment in the match.

Q. Was it a long putt or --
KRISTEN GILLMAN: I hit my hybrid down there about 40 yards --

Q. That's a par-5, correct?
KRISTEN GILLMAN: Yeah, and then I chipped it to like six, seven feet and then made that putt.

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