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August 7, 2018

Eugenie Bouchard

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

E. MERTENS/E. Bouchard

6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Looked like you were having a bit of a bounce-back year. To come into Montreal and have it not go your way for whatever reason, does that sting a little bit? Disappointing? How does it feel?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I'm not going to let today get me down because a lot didn't go my way today. Therefore, I feel at the end of the day I didn't deserve to win the match. I didn't play good enough tennis.

But it's fine. Just gives me a lot to work on, and I look forward to that.

Q. You were down 5-Love in the first set, but it was a lot closer than that. I think you had seven breakpoints, and you didn't convert them. She converted two. Is that just a lack of playing tough matches or just the way things didn't go for you today?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Well, I feel I didn't start well at all today. Finally at the end of the first I was kind of letting go with my shots a little more and physically moving a little more. Against a top-20 player, you have to be firing on all cylinders, doing everything well. Yeah, disappointed with that.

But like I said, with a lot of things not going my way today, I was still competitive with a girl who plays some good tennis, so I'm going to stay positive.

Q. Did you have a blister?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yeah, beginning of the second.

Q. The crowd was really loud at times. The chair umpire had to tell them to be quiet. Did you feel that? Did they lift you during that match?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: They do. I appreciate the love so much. I think they were trying to call balls out (smiling). They were also getting frustrated at the umpire because she was telling them what to do in English. They were screaming, In French, please. I was like, Yeah, this is Québec for you.

It's awesome. I feel the love. I'm grateful for it.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. What happened with your foot when the trainer came? Did it bother you for the match?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: At the beginning of the second set it started bothering me. I had problems with my toe. It's been the case for a couple of months, but it was not that bad. The skin was rubbing against my shoe. It was like a blister, and it was hurting. I tried to have it taken care of.

Q. It was an up-and-down match on your side. How were you able to come back? Why did it go away from you again?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Many things went badly for me today. I was not playing my backhand well. I missed many first serves also. My toe was hurting. With all this, I was still competitive against a top-20 player, so I'm trying to be positive. I'm not that disappointed. Now I have a lot to work on, and I'm looking forward to that.

Q. Don't you sometimes believe you should have some more luck, including with the draw? You played your first round against a top-15 player. It would be good for you to have some wins against lesser-ranked players. Lately you were not lucky with the draws and injuries.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: I feel very positive right now. I have a lot of luck in my life. Many good things happened in my life. Little things like that don't bother me.

Q. We felt you were trying to be very aggressive from the start. Was that your strategy? Didn't it cost you some points in the beginning of the match?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, I always want to be aggressive. I believe in the beginning I was not moving well. I think I was slow. My footwork wasn't going well. It wasn't 100%. That's why I was missing. This is what happened.

As soon as I became more physical, my shots were a lot better. I can only say that I started slow. I can't figure out how to describe it otherwise.

Q. We felt your match turned around after talking with your coach. What did she say?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: She said I should move faster and also that it was good when I was winning long rallies, I was keeping the ball in play. I tried to do that. It was a bit better.

Q. You said this year you wanted to play more tennis, smaller tournaments, to be on the court all the time. In spite of today's disappointment, do you believe you had good results in the tournaments in the past weeks?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, I believe I'm on a good trajectory. I don't want to be negative or disappointed with today. There were so many things that went wrong today. In fact, I didn't deserve to win the match because I was not playing at a high level. This means I have a lot to work on and I'm staying positive. I'm looking forward to trying to work on that.

Q. In spite of your little injury, are you going to play doubles?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, I'm going to continue the doubles. I'm putting a lot of tape on it and I'll continue.

Q. It didn't start well, but after you had a good streak. What happened at that moment? Why did it go better? Maybe the stress was going away?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Maybe. I'm not sure. I believe I was tense in the beginning of the match. After I relaxed and I started to hit better and move better. When I do that, that's when I play my best tennis.

Q. You were saying you played doubles to prepare for singles. There are no singles any more. Why can't you do as well as a year ago?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD: Yes, we have another match to play. We're going to try our best. Mostly we're going to try to have fun on the court.

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