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August 7, 2018

Bianca Pagdanganan

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. You got off to a solid start, had a little trouble on 8 and 9. Can you talk about your front nine a little bit?
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Yeah, my front nine was pretty good until my last three holes. The bogey that I had on 7 was pretty unfortunate. I three-putted. And the last hole, hole No. 9, I feel like it was mostly mental errors. I could have played safer, but I guess that's one thing I should keep in mind, try not to be too aggressive on each shot. Tried to keep it steady on the back nine. Still happy with how I played.

Q. Again, it's your first USGA championship. How proud are you just to advance to match play, first of all?
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: I'm really proud of myself. Coming into this tournament, I haven't really set any expectations. As much as possible, I just try to stick to my game plan and what I have and just take everything shot by shot, try not to get ahead of myself, which is what I try to do in most tournaments.

Q. Do you have much match play experience?
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Sort of, I guess. I mean, I played in nationals. I guess that's the most recent experience I've had. But I mean, I enjoyed it a lot. Anything can happen.

Q. What's kind of your mindset heading into the round of 64 tomorrow?
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: I guess match play, it's anybody's game. One thing I probably do is be more aggressive since there's really nothing to lose, and that's probably what I'm going to be doing.

Q. And then after two rounds of stroke play, how do you feel about your game right now?
BIANCA PAGDANGANAN: Still pretty confident with how I've played. Distance control was pretty good. Putting isn't too bad, so I mean, I guess I can still improve on that, but pretty confident in how I'm playing so far.

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