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August 7, 2018

Ellen Port

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. You are likely to be playing some golf tomorrow.

Q. Oldest to make the cut since Anne Sander.
ELLEN PORT: I wondered if Anne made it.

Q. 56 she made it. You guys are 22 days apart birthdays. She's August 31st and you're September 21st.
ELLEN PORT: So she's older.

Q. How far was the birdie putt on the last hole?
ELLEN PORT: Six feet.

Q. What did you hit in there?
ELLEN PORT: 4 hybrid with a really bad drive. I was like, I'm not hitting a 5-wood because I hit a bad 5-wood into the pond at 6. I got real quick and yanked it.

Q. When is the last time you made a cut in a Women's Am?
ELLEN PORT: Good question. Early 2000s. I used to always make the cut.

Q. I saw your name in a few brackets.
ELLEN PORT: But I never played well. I've never played that great in the U.S. Amateur. I just always feel like -- you want to play so well and sometimes you want to do well, my game just didn't show up that week --

Q. It showed up this week.
ELLEN PORT: Well, I worked hard. I made some putts and I kept it in front. Calm, cool and collected was just my mojo because I've struggled a little and I've had to scramble, but I did some good things. You know, 72-71.

Q. Can you imagine if somebody sees you tomorrow and they're in the first --
ELLEN PORT: Well, I've got to get my driver working. Everybody says there's strengths and weaknesses and know what you do well and what you can do better. So I still have some things I can do better. That's the good news. I'm doing some good things, but there's a few things I can still do better. I didn't get too tired -- I was worried about how I would hold up. So I just want to rest a little bit and --

Q. Congratulations.
ELLEN PORT: Thank you.

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