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August 7, 2018

Alexa Pano

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. Obviously I guess you didn't finish the way you wanted to, but you're still going to be in match play. Talk about the two days you had and going forward what's your mindset?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I felt like I played pretty solid over the past couple days. I mean, definitely didn't get as many putts to fall today as yesterday and finished with a really stupid hole. But other than that, I still felt really solid and happy with how I played.

Q. You played with a girl that shot 9-under. Give us your impressions of her game and what you thought of her.
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I mean, she really played solid the whole week and didn't really make many mistakes, and when she did, she corrected them. I think she finished out really strong today, I mean, making about a 30-footer on 17 and then chipping in on 18 to really secure it.

Q. She chipped in, huh?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah. She's just a really solid player, and she'll do well in match play.

Q. What are your impressions of her game in terms of what she does well?
ALEXA PANO: I don't really know. I kind of like focused on myself. I just know she was making birdies. That's about it.

Q. Obviously she's played some LET events --
ALEXA PANO: Okay, cool.

Q. Does she hit it long, does she hit it --
ALEXA PANO: Honestly, she's about probably the same as me, maybe slightly past me. I couldn't really tell you much there.

Q. Going into match play, two weeks ago you had a great run, obviously got a good feel for match play, obviously the heat is a big factor. What's your philosophy right now as you move forward?
ALEXA PANO: Kind of just going out and playing the same two rounds I did the past couple of days. I try not to take any sort of different approach in match play than I would in stroke play. Just positive attitude and never thinking I'm out of it.

Q. What are you doing in terms of trying to keep yourself from the heat, keeping yourself cool, dry?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I haven't really felt the heat much this week. I think it's been gorgeous the past two days, so I'm loving this weather way more than Poppy Hills.

Q. You like the warm heat and humidity?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, definitely.

Q. Not the cold and the fog?

Q. As far as stamina, not an issue?
ALEXA PANO: Nope, not really.

Q. Do you do a lot of working out?
ALEXA PANO: No, I haven't worked out in three years. Just I guess I'm just used to it. I mean, Florida weather is quite similar.

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