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August 6, 2018

Ellen Port

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

ELLEN PORT: I don't think I've ever shot par at a U.S. Am, have I?

Q. 22 events you've never shot par?
ELLEN PORT: I don't think so. It's typically not my best --

Q. When is the last time you made a cut --
ELLEN PORT: When is the last time? I was close at Portland. I don't remember. But I usually made the cut until in the early 2000s when I started having kids.

Q. Well, the last 50-plus-year old I remember making the cut was Carol, and she made it in '02 when she was 53. I'd have to look and see if she made it any time after that, but '02 was kind of the big year with the Curtis Cup with that putt to win. To sum up, shooting even par for --
ELLEN PORT: Yeah, it was good. I was nervous. I got a couple lucky bounces but then missed -- I missed a foot putt, just late in the day on my -- 6.

ELLEN PORT: Yeah, so that was disappointing because that was just one that -- you can't -- unforced error. But I recovered nicely. I stayed positive. My misses were better. I was trying to manage a couple of my misses. My driver has been not as consistent and has cost me most in the last couple tournaments, and I managed that a little better. Had a great caddie on the bag and great group. We just had a really nice thing going as far as the mojo. They shot 72, 71, 70, so the group was very good, and I think that helps.

Q. You played with the Girls' Junior runner-up from 19 years ago.
ELLEN PORT: Yeah, so I just felt really good with my irons, and I played a really good second nine. I had a 10-foot birdie putt on 1. I got a nice up-and-down on 2, and then I had an eight-foot birdie putt on the next one and then -- like I had a lot of birdie opportunities, and so for me to be patient and not press, had a great shot into both the par-3 -- what is the dew drop par-3?

Q. 4.
ELLEN PORT: So 3, I hit a 5-wood into that. It was 200, and I hit a beautiful 5-wood to about eight feet and missed that putt, and then I had about a 10-footer on the next one. So I felt like we were so close to the roll, so it was just a little -- the speed. It was nice to know that I was hitting the ball well enough to not just scramble and save par, but then on the same breath, when I did miss a green, I got up-and-down on this one -- I had two or three really nice up-and-downs.

Q. What would it mean to you at 56 to make the cut, if you could make the cut?
ELLEN PORT: Well, I mean, that's what everybody is here for. If I play the way I'm capable of -- I'm not thinking about making or missing the cut. I'm just trying to slow down my backswing. It's the furthest thing from my mind is making a cut, even if I was the best player in the field or if I shot 64. I still would not be thinking anything other than, okay, go home, and I've got to make a good swing on that first -- I had a great warmup. I would have won the tournament on my warmup. So then when I go to the course, it's just a little bit different.

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