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August 6, 2018

Alexa Pano

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. Obviously riding some momentum from a couple weeks ago. You're probably rested after that marathon day of golf.
ALEXA PANO: Kind of, yeah.

Q. Birdied 12, 14, 16, 17?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I guess so.

Q. Did you kind of figure something out in the second nine?
ALEXA PANO: Not really. I was playing about the same on the front. I think I got to 2-under on the front and then just had one really stupid bogey and missed like two birdie opportunities. But it was kind of just consistently the whole day from fairway to green. I was putting it inside of 10 feet consistently, and my putting was just being clutch.

Q. Was there any particular putt or save out there that kind of was a key to the round?
ALEXA PANO: Not really. I don't think so. But probably my drivers were really bad to start out the first three holes, but on the fourth hole, that kind of like turned my round in a different direction, and I started striping those, which helped out my irons. So that kind of helped a little bit.

Q. What was your longest putt for birdie today?
ALEXA PANO: I had about a 15-, 16-footer on the par-3, No. 14, and that was for birdie. That was probably my longest one.

Q. Obviously today was pretty hot, but it seems like it's cooling down. How were the conditions for you? You're a Floridian, so you're used to the heat and humidity?
ALEXA PANO: It was actually really nice. I mean, it got a little sticky out there, but you had a little bit of a breeze, which we're very used to in Florida, and I really enjoyed it out there. It was a gorgeous course, it was a gorgeous day, and hopefully we can have another one just like it tomorrow.

Q. Do you feel pretty good about your game considering how well you played at the Girls' Junior and then you went to Wyndham Cup and had a little match play experience there, as well?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, definitely confidence from both of those events. I'm feeling pretty good about my match play game right now, and stroke play felt pretty good today. As long as I just keep doing what I did today.

Q. Anything about tomorrow? Do you change your game plan at all considering where you're at?
ALEXA PANO: Not really. Just want to get back, get some rest and come out and do the same thing.

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