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August 6, 2018

Janet Mao

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. Talk about your round a little bit.
JANET MAO: Sure. I hit the ball really well. I think that's probably one of the best ball-striking rounds I've had maybe ever, so that helped a little bit. It makes it a little less stressful when you kind of can trust your shots and be confident in that and hit it to a distance where you're not really having terrible putts and giving yourself chances, as well. I wouldn't say I putted extraordinarily, but kept giving myself opportunities throughout the day, kind of avoided any mistakes and just hit the ball well and was pretty solid overall.

Q. Is this your first Women's Am?
JANET MAO: No, this is my fourth. I played in Nassau, in rolling green, last year in San Diego and now I'm here.

Q. Coming into this week, does that experience help you a lot?
JANET MAO: Yeah. I think just kind of being more familiar with the format, also kind of like where scores have been for cut lines in the past and just -- and also like just kind of more familiar with how the USGA handles things like pace of play and the course layout because like you don't really get to play a USGA event every day, and having that experience kind of helps. And also just having that experience and always looking forward to coming back to another U.S. Am. It's always really exciting to have that opportunity again.

Q. How did the course play out there today?
JANET MAO: I mean, it's a really challenging course. It was a little breezier than the practice round days, which was a little different, but the greens were softer than what I thought they would be, so they were holding well, which was helpful. Other than that, I wasn't in the rough that often, but the couple times I have been in the rough, it was nice and fluffy like Bermuda is. It was good. It's a challenging course. It's just like any USGA setup where you hit it right and you give yourself good opportunities, and at the same time, if you miss it, which luckily I didn't today, you can really penalize yourself. But it was good.

Q. And then going into tomorrow, you're in a great position after day one. What's your mindset going into tomorrow's round?
JANET MAO: Just kind of building off what I did today, having the confidence in my ball-striking and then knowing that I hit a lot of good putts that didn't necessarily go in, but getting a little more familiar with the greens, a little more with the golf course always helps, and I think just kind of keeping -- staying patient, keeping the same mentality as today and just having fun tomorrow.

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