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August 6, 2018

Tze Han Lin

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

TZE HAN LIN: I bogeyed the second hole, but I made four birdies in a row after that, and then I kept making -- I gave myself a good birdie chance, and my putting was okay today, too. So front nine was 3-under. And then back nine I had a lost ball on the 11th hole, but I made a bogey, which is okay. And then I birdied the next hole, so I made it better.

The last few holes are a little bit tougher because it's longer, but I two-putted like most of the holes, so I made par, par, par. Back nine was okay, but front nine was -- four birdies was really good.

Q. Good start?
TZE HAN LIN: Yeah, good start, after a bogey.

Q. How did the course play today?
TZE HAN LIN: It's a little bit -- the greens are soft, which is good, but it's a little bit windy at the back nine, so it makes some holes harder, and approach shots were longer, so it's harder to make birdie. I think putting is important to play this course.

Q. And then coming into today, you played last year, how did that help coming into this week's championship?
TZE HAN LIN: The tournament, it's fun that we play stroke play and match play. It's not often -- we don't have it in Taiwan, so for my stroke play strategy is not too aggressive, just making par, and if there's a good chance to make birdie, then make birdie. But not hitting iron very aggressive but putting is the most important point to shoot lower scores.

Q. Going into tomorrow, you're in a great position after day one. What's your mindset?
TZE HAN LIN: Just maybe same as today, not too aggressive. If it's a short iron, be aggressive, and keep my putting good, speed control.

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