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August 6, 2018

Yealimi Noh

Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Q. I know you've played a lot of golf in the last three, four weeks.
YEALIMI NOH: It was a little frustrating today. I hit it really well and hit a lot of greens and hit a lot within like 15 feet, but my putter wasn't going. I didn't really have a chance to warm up this morning.

Q. Did you oversleep?
YEALIMI NOH: No, I just like was eating. I warmed up like hitting because I wanted to get my body warmed up, but I didn't get to putt that much. I was going to putt yesterday, but then we left a little early. Yeah, got to putt better tomorrow.

Q. How about playing in this type of weather. You're coming off the Girls' Junior which was in 55-, 60-degree temperatures. You live in northern California.
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, oh, my gosh, it was really tiring. I've played in a lot of humid weather, though. Last year the U.S. Junior, Junior PGA, both in the same week, like super humid there. Actually compared to last year's Junior PGA, this is nothing.

Q. That was in St. Louis?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, St. Louis, and I couldn't even -- like when I was over the ball, like I literally was blinking sweat into my eyes.

Q. Today or there?
YEALIMI NOH: Last year. It was really bad. I've got a little used to it now, so it wasn't that bad.

Q. Do you do anything to prepare for this type of humidity before you get out on the golf course? Do you drink extra water or --
YEALIMI NOH: Not really. I just try to cool down. Yeah, I drink a lot of water. Yeah, I try to keep really dry because I get like rashes when I get too sweaty.

Q. Did you have a caddie or no?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, my mom is caddying for once. This is the first real tournament. She caddied the last round of the Canadian. I usually don't let my mom caddie. Today is a first.

Q. You shot 1-under today?

Q. It's a pretty decent start. You know it's match play, so you've got to pace yourself and just get it in.

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