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August 5, 2018

Andrew Putnam

Reno, Nevada

THE MODERATOR: It's a pleasure to welcome Andrew Putnam into the interview room following his victory at the Barracuda Championship. Andrew, 47 points for the week. A four-shot win over Chad Campbell. Congratulations on getting into the winner's circle on the PGA TOUR for the first time. Get some comments?

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, this was an incredible week. We came here and we're staying at Incline Village. And it's such a beautiful spot. And so cool to have my wife and my parents here. One of my friends flew in last night. And, yeah, just a dream week for me.

THE MODERATOR: You've been really consistent this year. This is your fifth top-10 finish of the season now. You move up just really close to the 30th spot in the FedExCup standings. I know that number is really important to you as the FedExCup playoffs are looming and trying to get to East Lake for the playoff finale.

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, the ultimate goal for the year is to get to the FedExCup championship. And coming into this week I felt I had a good chance to possibly win. I've been playing really well. And I knew I needed some more points to jump up on that FedExCup leaderboard. And happy to get the win and get that much closer.


Q. You talked at the beginning of the week and then a couple of times since how relaxed you felt, felt like a vacation at the beginning of the week. Do you think that helped a little bit, just knowing that you were in the mix and then going into the final round, just being at ease a little bit, being at Incline Village and just kind of getting a chance to relax with having family here?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I think so. It's a long season out here on the PGA TOUR, and weeks off are necessary. And I felt like no matter what I was going to recharge here, just because of how great a spot it is and beautiful course and just a fun place to be. And I was happy when some of that smoke cleared off and you could see some of those amazing views.

And, yeah, I think just being relaxed helped me play my best golf. I didn't start off my best, but after that I caught fire.

Q. You led the field this week in scrambling. Is that a strength of your game, would you say? And, two, just how big was it especially during the final round? I know you got up-and-down a couple times to kind of keep the momentum going.
ANDREW PUTNAM: I think that was the key my last two rounds. I didn't really feel like I was ball-striking it like I normally did. And I was missing it here and there. And my putting and my chipping was really good. So that kept me in it. And I think that's what kind of helped me get the win this week.

Q. Curious how much you drew upon Memphis, the final round, and that kind of learning experience there.
ANDREW PUTNAM: I didn't think about Memphis at all today. I just felt like it's just natural for you to get more comfortable in that position. I felt I was one of the better players at this tournament at least playing some of the best golf out of all the guys here.

So just knowing that and having that confidence, you know, allows you to believe in yourself and finish off the tournament.

Q. I spoke to your caddie, and he said that after that final round in Memphis that you didn't really get down on yourself at all. And a lot of young players might have. Did you feel like you took so much more positives and you didn't leave anything there?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, that's a tough course. And I felt like I handed myself really well. I played great golf. Just didn't get some of my putts to fall in. And playing against the number one player in the world, and he's pretty good at what he does. And feel like if I was on my game I could have given him a good run. But I'm just thankful to be able to have those experiences and grow from them.

Q. And getting to 31st, is it 31st in the FedExCup points, how much more now, because you're right there on the cusp of that top 30, is that in your mind now?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I think getting to the FedExCup finals is always in the back of whoever's mind who is on the PGA TOUR. And I think when you get one step closer, like I did today, it's really going to be a goal. So I'm happy I'm going to be able to play at least the first three and that will give me a good chance to -- I'm playing well, and if I keep doing what I'm doing, have some good finishes I'll hopefully get to East Lake.

Q. Getting a win on TOUR opens up so many doors. Has it all sunk in, like, everything is going to change now in your career?
ANDREW PUTNAM: You know, one of the things I first thought about was getting to play in the Tournament of Champions in Maui because our family, we vacation there every year pretty much for my whole life. And I've always gone out there and seen friends play in those tournaments and dreamed they're going there.

That was one thing that really stuck out when I made that putt that I was going to be going to Maui one week earlier than I had planned. So that's pretty special.

Q. I know this is your second trip back to the PGA TOUR. What's the difference? I know the first time around it's always a little bit of an adjustment period. What's been the difference for you the second time around that made you feel a little more ease out here?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I feel like there's a lot to learn on the TOUR. There's a lot of growth that needs to happen, and I feel like I've just learned how to believe in myself a little more, trust in my game, know that I have the game to compete out here and not feel like I need to be someone else. That's just been the main thing that's helped me this year.

Q. You mentioned out there that the modified Stableford format is not really maybe for your game, that you've kind of tested yourself and wanted to be more aggressive this week. Could you talk about that, like maybe some of the things you did to be aggressive this week?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, typically all the places I've won, on the Web.com Tour, the PGA TOUR, have been courses that have been firm, fast, couple-under wins. It got hard yesterday. The wind blew, and I felt like it played to my advantage. I'm good when the conditions are tough.

But, yeah, it's a little adjustment knowing that it's better to get a putt to the hole. Try to make that birdie versus leaving it a foot short. There's -- the risk and reward definitely favors the one who can take the risks. And I really just tried to believe in what I was doing and not being worried about making bogeys.

Q. Was there an instance or two today where if this hadn't been this type of format you might have dialed it back a little bit?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I don't think so. I feel like I played my normal game. I just wanted to make sure with my putts I was getting them to the hole. That was my key -- left a couple short towards the end and had a couple of really close ones towards the end that could have fallen. I was happy how aggressive I stayed all day long.

Q. How aware were you of the leaderboard? Chad was putting some pressure there.
ANDREW PUTNAM: I looked at it a few times. I've typically not looked at the leaderboard when I've been in contention, but today I wanted to see where I was at and enjoy it a bit more. I looked at it on, I think, 15 and saw he was five or six points back. So I knew I had to stay aggressive and try to keep making birdies.

Q. On the last putt on 18, just kind of describe that feeling rolling it in there.
ANDREW PUTNAM: My only thought going up to that ball was knock this thing. Just get it over with. You never know, you know, how it's going to come out of the fringe. And it rolled perfectly.

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