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August 5, 2018

Chris Stroud

Reno, Nevada

Q. First of all, talk about the round. I know you're not super happy with the finish.
CHRIS STROUD: You know, I came out -- I hit the ball so nicely yesterday. I hit the ball pretty average on Thursday and Friday. And it was nice to hit the ball really nicely yesterday with the wind the way it was. I was hoping that the wind would pick up today and I'd hit the ball just as well and I didn't.

I hit the ball very poorly today. Never gave myself many opportunities to make birdie. I putted great this week. And I just never got myself enough opportunities today. I just kept putting myself in bad positions and I was missing greens with a sand -- I missed greens from 105 yards on 17.

So just didn't have it. It's only my second week with a new coach. I'm pretty happy both these weeks I've been in the top-5, top-10 hunt. I'm happy with the progress. I feel like I'm scoring well enough and putting well enough. If I could hit it two days of the four then I'll have a shot to win tournaments.

Q. But still a good title defense.
CHRIS STROUD: Absolutely. At the end of the day to come back and with all the great vibes that I have here and to come back and defend and have a chance to win, really, today was all I can ask for. Like I said, I wish I would have given myself more opportunities to use my putter. I was putting so nicely. I just never could get myself on the green.

I drove it really poorly and hit my irons and had some good opportunities coming down the last few holes and just missed green, bogey, missed green, bogey. And even right there, 30-foot chip and hit it 20 feet by. Just didn't get it done like I need to. I've got to get sharper. I've got two more weeks to get ready for PGA next week. I need some rest.

Q. A little bit of a bump in the standings, FedExCup-wise.
CHRIS STROUD: It's crazy. I've been playing so well since New Orleans. It's like I can't make any ground up on the FedExCup points. I mean, I'm making decent amount of money but finishing in the middle of the pack and I'm not making enough points.

And I don't know what's going on this year, but the points don't seem to be rewarding anybody making top 20. If you're finishing top 5 you're making a lot of points. This is my first top-10 of the year. So unfortunately I'm sitting pretty far back. But I'm hitting it well, playing well. So I've got PGA Championship to take advantage of next week and then Greensboro heading into the FedEx.

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