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August 5, 2018

John Oda

Reno, Nevada

Q. John, tied for third as of right now. So really good week for you. Can we get some comments?
JOHN ODA: I mean, Monday qualified, which was the goal, and made the cut and moved up the leaderboard. And to finish top 10 was pretty special.

Q. Talk a little bit about this format this week, how you enjoyed playing it.
JOHN ODA: You gotta make birdies. And usually I'm good at that. And my mindset's always to eliminate bogeys, but bogeys don't really hurt you out here. Bogey and birdie always beats two pars out here. Kind of like that type of format, and you can really feed off of the birdies.

Q. Are you banking at all, especially early in the round, that you might be able to make a big move and kind of move up and maybe give Andrew -- make him sweat a little bit?
JOHN ODA: I honestly don't think about winning, I just want to go out there and shoot the best that I could possibly shoot. And if I make a lot of birdies and I'm in the lead then that's great. If not I'm then going to try to make birdie every hole. So that was kind of my mindset. Got a couple going (indiscernible) back. (Indiscernible) really good putt, but the greens are a little bumpy and they weren't breaking how I saw it.

Q. Top 10 into Wyndham?
JOHN ODA: Yup, Wyndham.

Q. Have you ever played Sedgefield before?
JOHN ODA: Never. Heard it's a pretty good course. Looking forward to that.

Q. Must be pretty exciting, though, to be able to do that.
JOHN ODA: Yeah, it's kind of nice this time because there's a week break at least. Last time I top 10 at Mayakoba, and it was straight to, what was it, St. Simons Island in Sea Island, or Sam, two different courses. At least this time I get to have a little rest and recoup.

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