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August 5, 2018

Chad Campbell

Reno, Nevada

Q. I know a little bit disappointing to not win, but a really good week for you.
CHAD CAMPBELL: These last two days felt really good. Really hit the ball well and putted great yesterday, and didn't putt quite as well today, but definitely happy with the way I played. Obviously disappointed I wasn't able to finish it off but it happens. Definitely moving in the right direction, though.

Q. Five-foot putt at 13 was probably the killer for you.
CHAD CAMPBELL: That hurt. Anytime you get a chance to make an eagle you make up so much ground out here. That one hurt I hit a great shot. Not to capitalize on that really hurt.

Q. What happened on that putt?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Hit it right where I wanted and it just didn't turn. Shane had a putt on kind of the same line that broke off. And that was the read we had all along. So felt I had a pretty good putt, it just didn't turn.

Q. Overall, you've got to feel pretty good about your game.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I do. Like I said, I feel pretty good. I came out Friday. Played early Friday and I came out late Friday and practiced a little bit. And kind of figured a little something out, I think. At least it worked for the last two days. Who knows, it may not work ever again, but it worked for these two days and really felt confident playing out there.

Q. 126, sort of projected in that range for the FedExCup. Really close to the number you need to be with a couple weeks left. Talk about how much that means to you as well to get into the playoffs.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's huge. I think this is my seventh week in a row, so kind of been grinding trying to get back in there. Hopefully I can go to Greensboro and having a good week.

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