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August 5, 2018

Atthaya Thitikul

Fife, Scotland

Q. You're the only amateur to have made the cut, so you've won the Smyth Salver as the low amateur. That does that mean to you?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: It's mean a lot. It's mean a lot. I'm so happy because last year I'm missed the cut but this year I can make the cut, and you know, now my game is not really good but I can make the cut, it mean a lot.

Q. So you made the cut with not playing at your best?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: No, just everyone here got the high point but I think it's low point, mine is not good, I know that now.

Q. So you won the low amateur at the ANA Inspiration this year and you won the Smyth Salver. What does that do for your confidence, as one of the top amateurs in the world?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: It's mean a lot and it's make me have more confidence to play other tournaments, and like -- and it not mean a lot because everyone need to move on and improve yourself to the future and to be the professional. But that's mean a lot and it's got me to improve myself.

Q. What was the one thing you learnt this week, another pro event and another major championship, that you can take away that will help you learn next time?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, a lot, and I'm just 15 years old and I can go to play to professional event in LPGA and I got to learn a lot like links course. Links golf, it's always tough, but I can play it and I learn for LPGA player, so nice players. I learn a lot and put myself in another tournament.

Q. A lot of Thai golfers in the field and a Thai golfer leading in Pornanong. How much do you speak to the Thai golfers and get motivation from them?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: No, she not really well because she's so older than me. I just 15 and so play in junior. But I talk to all of them, yeah, but you know, now Thai girls play really good now. Like now Moriya can win LPGA tournament and I hope so this tournament, maybe Pornanong win. Both of them inspiring junior Thai and inspiring me also to improve our Thai junior to improve it to the world-class, yeah.

Q. Just tell me one more thing. What are your plans now? You keep saying you're 15 years old. You're still in school?

Q. And how long are you still in school for? Is it another year, two years?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: It's 2 1/2 more years.

Q. And you got to take special time off to play this event?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, my school help me and I can go to play golf, and in the future, maybe another shot the next few years and I'm maybe going to turn professional and maybe I can play in the LET event.

Q. Do you have to do any study work while you're here? Do you study when you're here at an event?

Q. Do you study for school while you're on the road playing golf?
ATTHAYA THITIKUL: Yeah, but only got -- I not go to school for study but go to school for exam for pass the high school at that time. Just end the high school and training professional, not learn about university.

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