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August 5, 2018

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to our 2018 RICOH Women's British Open Champion.

With this win, Georgia takes home a check of 490,000 dollars, and various other accolades, as well as being a first-time major winner, first British winner since Catriona since 2009.

Georgia, at what point, did you think, I might actually win this.

GEORGIA HALL: I think when I hit my second shot into 18. 18 is not really a hole you want to have a lead in in a major. I can't even hit iron off the tee because there's bunkers in the way. Had to hit a 3-wood, and it's a tough pin, as well. So yeah, I was very happy to kind of close it out them.

THE MODERATOR: And how did you stay so calm, waiting for such a late tee-off time and then getting through your day and then getting on the tee and ready to go.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, a 2.30 tee-off time isn't great for me. I do like going off early if I can.

It's a fantastic day to play golf. The weather was really good, I had a late breakfast like I did yesterday. Got to the golf course midday and then started my warmup.

THE MODERATOR: You looked really calm, and obviously you opened with a magnificent opening tee shot. How did that calm your nerves?

GEORGIA HALL: Actually I was more nervous yesterday an today. I didn't feel much until the 18th. So I think I got all the nerves off yesterday.

But yeah, I mean, it was great and I managed to play some really good golf and hole a lot of crucial putts, so I was very happy.

THE MODERATOR: Is there any point when you arrived here at the start of the week that you thought, I'll be sitting here on Sunday night with that.

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, I always dream of having that, and since I started playing golf at 7, but you know, I was very confident going into this event from last year and I love links golf, and I'm playing in England, which is very rare. But I tried to take the most of the opportunity.

Q. Can you describe that walk down the 18th, please? What were you saying to your dad and what was he saying?
GEORGIA HALL: I wasn't saying much. I was like, I was checking I had a three-shot lead because, you know, in case the scoreboard was wrong or something. You know, because I knew I was on the green and I was quite a long way from the pin.

You know, I had all those people cheering for me and standing up, and it was so nice to have all their support. It did mean a lot to me throughout the last four days.

Q. And your dad, what was he saying?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, just like concern for me that I did have a three-shot lead. We didn't really say that much because I still -- I promised myself, if ever I was in this situation, I wouldn't get ahead of myself and get like really happy because otherwise, I think I would mess a shot up. So just until the last putt went in, then I could properly show my emotions.

Q. Here last year, and the Solheim Cup and now today, you've really thrived under the big pressure, and you've never won on the LET or LPGA before. Is that a sign that the bigger the prize, the bigger the performance?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think so. I don't know what it is but I just -- it's more enjoyable for me and fun the bigger the competition is, or like the Solheim Cup. You know, I really wanted to beat my position from last which was third, which was going to be a tough task, but I'm so happy that I've done it.

Q. I just want to double-check a couple stats because so much has been made about the bunkers here. On scoring, you're perfect out of the bunkers, the green-side bunkers, does that sound correct, seven for seven?
GEORGIA HALL: I think so, yeah.

Q. And did you manage to miss all the fairway bunkers or did you hit one?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I got one yesterday on the second hole, and I was furious at myself (laughter) but I managed to get up-and-down.

But yeah, I think I got one, what I remember, so that's not bad. I'll take that at the start of the week.

Q. How important was your strategy coming into the week, and you obviously excelled at achieving it.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I just tried to stay short of all the bunkers. It's quite a long golf course, anyway, but I just had to say to myself, as long as I'm on the fairway, then I've got a shot to the green and then it's fine.

If I'm in a green-side bunker, I my think green-side bunker play is quite good, anyway. I managed to get up-and-down every time. I'm really proud of myself the way we made tough decisions off the tee and managed to commit to the right shots.

Q. You, I believe, were the first player to win the British Girls', the British Ladies', and then this. Did you feel like you were in the shadows, despite all of that growing up, and as you climbed the ranks, and did you feel like you'll be in a different position obviously from now on?
GEORGIA HALL: Different position now that I've won or --

Q. You've won a major.
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah, of course. To win on The European Tour and the LPGA is one thing, but to win a major I think is completely different, on a much bigger scale and against the best players in the world.

So you know, I always joked to myself, because I never really -- I haven't really won a tournament since I turned pro, that the first one I win would be a major. I always used to say that. I've actually done it now. I think to save the best.

Q. I understand growing up there was some opportunities you couldn't take advantage of because of financial reasons. How difficult was that for you not to be able to take part, and did it motivate you to take advantage of opportunities more when you got them?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely. I think I missed probably three majors as an amateur that I qualified for but I didn't get to go to. So that was a bit frustrating at the time. But I always tell myself that if my golf's good enough, then it can take me anywhere regardless of how much money I have, and then I just kept going.

Obviously, yeah, when I'm in every major like I am this year, I like to prepare for them well and take advantage whatever position I'm in to do the best I can.

Q. How much did it help you today that both you and Pornanong were playing such calm, composed golf in that final pairing?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, she's a very good player and she's very calm, as well. She's very nice to have a chat on the way around.

Yeah, I think it helped a little bit that we were probably four or five clear of third place at some point. So at that point I thought, oh just me or her is probably going to win this.

She did play amazing and holed some very crucial putts, as well. Then, you know, 17 was a big one for me. I managed to get a par and then kind of went on to 18 obviously.

Q. When you had those words with Tom Lehman, did he come back through the week to reiterate anything?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, he texted me last night and just said, "Go Georgia. Hit fairways and greens and make your fair share of putts. I'm pulling for you." That's what he said, yeah.

No, it was great to have him now as like a friend. He won it here when I was 4, always a nice thing, as well.

Q. Where was it that you saw that picture? Was it a restaurant?
GEORGIA HALL: No, it's here at the clubhouse. I went for dinner Wednesday night and saw a picture, so I sent it to him.

Q. What's your earliest memory on a golf course, and who was your inspiration growing up as a golfer?
GEORGIA HALL: Earliest memory was probably playing the English Under 13s, I think is my first big event when I was ten years old, so I was like three years younger. That was kind of a really big event for me.

Yeah, my dad got me into golf, but I think, you know, I loved watching Tiger and I still do. I think it's great when he still plays. I think that, Tiger and Rory still inspire me.

Q. What was it like having your dad walk with you down 18, and two, what did your dad most instill in you? What quality did he most instill in you?
GEORGIA HALL: It was amazing to have him caddie for me and be there with me obviously when I won. It's a really nice thing. You know, he's helped me growing up and yeah, helped me with my golf and helped me as a person, as well, growing up, so it's very special to have him there, and also my mum and boyfriend, as well.

Probably think under pressure situations, like growing up, he's helped me because obviously he's caddied for me as an amateur, as well, and I've won some good amateur events and he was caddying. So I think just saying the right things at the right time, and he's probably more nervous than I am, but somehow keeping me not really nervous, as well.

Q. Bit of a parochial question, and I know it was nine years ago, but did you watch Catriona win in 2009 at all? Do you recall that?
GEORGIA HALL: I don't think so, because I was 13 and I started watching golf maybe a year after that. I've seen those videos, and she texted me this morning saying "good luck," so it was really nice to have that from her.

Q. I know you have a lot on your mind. Are you still planning to go up to Gleneagles this week?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I can't let Laura down. (Laughter) no, of course, I'm really looking forward to playing with her. I just like to go there and have fun, and hopefully we can do well and play the Solheim Cup course next year, as well, I'd like to see it. Yeah, I love match play, so yeah, it will be good.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much and congratulations, Georgia.

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