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August 4, 2018

Chad Campbell

Reno, Nevada

Q. That was some day. The most points in a single round in tournament history. You must feel pretty good about that.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I didn't know that, but it was a good day. Got off to a good start, birdied the first three holes and made a few long putts and gave myself a lot of opportunities. So definitely very happy with the round.

Q. With the eight birdies and eagle at 13, did you start thinking what this might be or what it could become at any point?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. I mean, honestly, you kind of -- in this format you really don't know like how many under par you are or anything like that. I was just trying to get as many as I can. I know I was quite a bit back going into today, so I needed to make a lot of points.

Q. Was there something that clicked on the range this morning?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. I came out yesterday afternoon and kind of felt like I found a little something to go with, so it worked today, but who knows, golf is crazy, so it might not work tomorrow. You never know. Hopefully it will. It felt really good today.

Q. You've got yourself in contention. Where do you think this might end up at the end of this day?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, I honestly didn't even look at the boards too much, so I don't really know what anybody is doing. But I'd imagine some guys will get past me. It's pretty tough out there. The wind is blowing. But there's still birdie opportunities out there.

Q. After the eagle at 13, you weren't going through your mind like, maybe I could shoot 59 today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Honestly, it really didn't. I knew I was playing well, but didn't really know -- you hear guys say it a lot, you don't really know how many under you are when you're playing that good, and that's a good thing when you can kind of forget, I don't know if I'm 5 or 8 or whatever I am. It's always a good feeling when you don't know, you just kind of keep going and try to make more.

Q. Was there some point where you got, all right, this is going to be one of those really good rounds?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, I made a couple long ones on the front. That's always nice, on 6 and 9 made a couple long ones, so that was nice. Other than that, I hit it in there pretty close and was able to capitalize on a lot of those.

Q. If you had shot the equivalent of 59, would you have petitioned to -- like hey, you might want to throw my name in there?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I might have. It didn't happen, so we don't have to worry about it, I guess.

Q. What was the wind like out there this morning? Did it pick up at a certain point?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Honestly, it was blowing on our first hole. Obviously blowing a little bit harder when we got on the back side, but not much. Surprisingly, it was blowing the whole day.

Q. Were you affected at all by the smoky --
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's cleared out a little bit now, but yeah, this morning it was pretty strong. We got out of the house, and you could definitely smell it worse than probably any other day. I think maybe the winds are blowing from the right direction to get it out of here now, so maybe it doesn't smell quite as bad.

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