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August 4, 2018

John Oda

Reno, Nevada

Q. Nice playing. You must be thrilled to get in with a good round after qualifying for this tournament.
JOHN ODA: Yeah, just being out here is nice, and to be back in the ropes is pretty cool, and I'm definitely happy.

Q. I remember you top-tenning in Mexico at the end of last year. That kind of set your progress. What's it been like? You've made it into four or five tournaments by Monday qualifying?
JOHN ODA: This is my sixth event, I believe, and actually Mexico, Mayakoba, was my only sponsor exemption, but since then -- I top-tenned it there, and obviously since then Mondayed in a few more. After Mayakoba, I finished 85th at final stage, so it kind of solidified what my goals were for the year, and to get into a couple more of these events and solidify Web finals.

Q. You're taking advantage a little bit like home, I guess going to school in this area?
JOHN ODA: This is Reno, so it's kind of like -- the city up north is our rival school. But Nevada I guess is the home state, so I'm happy for that.

Q. Talk a little bit about your round today. Was there something in the round that kind of got you going a little bit?
JOHN ODA: Honestly, no. I've just been having so many opportunities out here. I've been hitting it fairly well and have been getting my putter going. I got a couple to go, and that kind of built some momentum and ended up making a few more, and just started to pour in.

Q. What's the best part in your mind about being out here on the PGA TOUR?
JOHN ODA: Playing golf. Just being on the golf course. I love the game so much, and it means a lot to me to be out here.

Q. Did you play this course much when you were --
JOHN ODA: It's my first time in Reno actually.

Q. First time in Reno?
JOHN ODA: Yes. I stay away from up here because it's rival territory. I'm kidding.

Q. Obviously you felt very comfortable out here all week.
JOHN ODA: Yeah, one of my buddies works here, is an assistant pro here, Brian Seal, and he used to work at Southern Highlands, where I practice at, so kind of that home vibe feeling from him and all that. It's been great.

Q. Did he give you any tips about the course?
JOHN ODA: He gave me a couple of pointers, a couple things to look out for out here.

Q. Did you feel like this week was coming on? Did you feel anything in your game kind of trending?
JOHN ODA: I've been actually making a lot of changes and been working on my swing a lot and trying to improve my ball-striking. I've been working with Drew stick he will, my coach, the last few months, and we've been making some progress. I'm just trying to play the best that I can.

Q. When you have to Monday qualifying, mentally is it grueling or are you used to it by now?
JOHN ODA: Honestly, I'm used to it by now. This year I haven't been getting any starts on Web because my number is not very good, so I've just been doing these Monday tours, as they call it, and just trying to stay positive.

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