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August 4, 2018

JJ Spaun

Reno, Nevada

Q. You got yourself in good shape there with a bogey-free round today. Just some thoughts on today?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, coming into this afternoon round, I wasn't really thinking of having a possibility of a bogey-free round with the conditions, but I kept the ball in front of me, hit a lot of greens, didn't make a lot of mistakes, and when I did, I really scrambled well. It was overall a pretty good day.

Q. How tricky were conditions? Seemed like it was gusting a lot today.
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, you'd get the constant like 10 to 15, and then you'd get a couple gusts of 25 to 35, and then you're waiting to -- for that to either stop but it's continuing, and then you've got it moving out of the west and moving out of the east, and it's all over the place. I think the trees and the mountains have the purpose for that.

But yeah, it's just one of those days where it's the least mistakes you can possibly make. It's a cool format, though, where you know you've got to make birdies and you've just got to put the pedal to the metal and go low and make as many birdies as you can.

Q. There's a lot of guys at the top of the leaderboard, including yourself, who are looking for that first TOUR win. How hungry are guys going to be tomorrow? This tournament seems to lend itself to kind of getting that first win.
JJ SPAUN: Sure, yeah. It's a format where you don't really know what guys are doing. I mean, you can see a +28 and then a +33, like the very next hole. It's kind of hard to predict where people are going to be, so you can't really play defensive, and that's kind of how I've been this week is just make birdies and birdies and where I end up on the leaderboard is kind of what happens. I think that's how it's going to be tomorrow. It's just going to be a big shootout.

Q. Are you getting antsy to get that first victory on TOUR?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, I am. I feel like I've been playing pretty solid this year. I've had a lot of high finishes and stuff, so it would be nice to get that win before the season ends.

Q. How do you relax to get to get ready for tomorrow?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, just kind of do the same stuff. The whole importance of not letting things get to you is just kind of stick to your routine. I'm not going to really think about it. I'm sure I'll get some texts, some motivating texts from friends and family. But tomorrow I'm not going to be in the final group, so I'm going to be chasing them, and it'll be good to put up a number tomorrow and let them see it, and hopefully it'll hold off.

Q. As you mentioned, you have to be aggressive here because you're not really -- a bogey doesn't kill you really. Is it like you have to expect you're going to have to make seven, eight, nine birdies tomorrow?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, if I was playing a stroke play events today, I wouldn't think that I would make five birdies because you're just so -- it's just the mentality of like just trying to make birdies because birdies outweigh the bogeys. It's just the way the system and the format is. But I think it's cool putting yourself in that mindset where you've just got to make birdies. To make five birdies in these conditions and no bogeys, it's pretty decent.

Q. Was there one spot today that maybe you would have been a little more conservative in a stroke-play event but you decided to play a little bit more aggressive because that's the way this format is?
JJ SPAUN: Yeah, probably like 14. I mean, I went for it, and I tried to hit a really big carve cut 3-wood. That way if it crossed the hazard way up there, I would have a good chance of making par and not really having -- and taking double out of the equation, whereas in stroke play I probably would have just laid up and hit a wedge. But two points is a lot better than -1, and obviously the dreaded double, you don't want those. But yeah, I would have changed that if it was stroke play.

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