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August 4, 2018

Shane Lowry

Reno, Nevada

Q. That's an exciting way to finish the round and get yourself right in contention there.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was -- I mean, it was very hard today, very windy, really difficult to pick a club. I just got off to a bad start and I just hung in there all day, and I feel like my patience was rewarded with that eagle on the last. It's this format, that's what's great about it, and that's why I'm really enjoying myself this week. You can make a move very quick. Yeah, I'm going out with a chance tomorrow now, and I'm excited.

Q. It seems like the last six holes are pretty volatile and can go either way. When you got there -- you obviously played them with eight points the last six holes. Do you have that mindset when you get to that point?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I did. Like you get to 13, you really feel like you have chances coming in. Like I missed a three-footer for birdie on 14, so that was very disappointing, and I just kept going, I birdied 15, and I bogeyed 16, but bogeys don't kill you in this format. And then, yeah, obviously I was just hoping to birdie the last to be honest. I really felt like if I birdied the last, I'd have a chance going into tomorrow, but I just hit the most beautiful 4-iron in there and managed to hole the putt, as well.

Q. A lot of guys at the top of the leaderboard that haven't won on TOUR. Do you remember going back trying to chase that first TOUR win, how hungry you were?
SHANE LOWRY: Funny, obviously my first PGA TOUR win was in Akron, but my first win as a professional was in the Irish Open as an amateur. That was my first-ever TOUR event to play. I won pretty early. And then didn't win for three years after that. That was a hard one. Obviously it was tough to win in Akron, and I haven't won since.

You know, look, we're all decent golfers. I think anyone going out tomorrow within a certain score of the lead, no matter what they're doing, everyone is the same. It's as hard to win whether you've won before or whether you haven't won, I think. Yeah, obviously I've won, and I'm going out with a chance tomorrow now, and I'm very excited and love to see what happens.

Q. Are you more aggressive this week than normally?
SHANE LOWRY: It's funny because you're more aggressive but then when you get out of position you're more tentative because you just want to make bogeys. But honestly, if you miss the green and you've got a tricky chip shot, you don't go for it, you try and chip it to 10 feet and you try and hole the putt. That's the way I've been playing it, and try and make my birdies. I've been looking at it as if I can try and make five, six birdies around, I'll be able to get something because you're always going to make a couple of bogeys, especially around here with the altitude and the wind and stuff. Look, I made two eagles so far this week. They're huge. If I can make another one tomorrow, that would be great, as well.

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