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August 4, 2018

Andrew Putnam

Reno, Nevada

Q. You played yourself into the position that you were looking for probably at the start of the week. Just talk about the day today. Pretty solid round.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I putted the ball really well, made a ton of putts. My long game wasn't quite as sharp, but it was tough out there with the wind. It was gusty and hard to keep on balance.

Q. Everyone was saying it was really tricky. We were talking to Shane Lowry about the last five or six holes and how volatile they can be. What's your mindset when you get to that position on the golf course?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Well, in this format, birdies are key, and it's almost hard to get aggressive when the wind is gusting all over the place. The last few holes you're just hitting and hoping the wind stays consistent and you don't catch any crazy gusts.

Q. You were runner up earlier this summer in Memphis. How much do you lean on your experience having played in the final group when you go into tomorrow?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I think that will be important having that experience. Obviously this is a little different format, so the strategy has to be stay aggressive and make as many points as possible.

Q. How good was that shot that you hit on 17 in terms of degree of difficulty? You're there on that left side trying to go to a tucked pin. Were you looking to try and stuff it there?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, just going right at it. Perfect. I pulled it a little bit, but sometimes you get lucky.

Q. You said this was a vacation week for you?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I just chalked it up as I love coming here. Reno is an awesome place, and we're staying in Sun Valley, so it's as good as it gets looking at the lake. I'm just kind of taking the relaxed attitude of just enjoying everything that Reno has.

Q. You went through a stretch starting mid February to mid March, and then after that, you seemed to have been able to get to another level. Anything happen at that point where you kind of were able to turn it on?
ANDREW PUTNAM: I feel like my game was pretty good at the beginning of the year. I just didn't score very well. And then honestly, I just didn't change much. I tried to take the pressure off, stay relaxed, and not change anything because I feel like sometimes I'm a perfectionist and I get on the range and I try to tinker, and that's when I have issues. I tried to really not have many swing thoughts, and it's worked out pretty good.

Q. There's a lot of guys at the top of the leaderboard looking for that first TOUR win. How hungry do you think guys are going to be tomorrow, not just you but everybody else?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, a win on the PGA TOUR is life changing, so I think we're all going to be hungry to get after it.

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