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August 4, 2018

Sam Saunders

Reno, Nevada

Q. Sam, that was probably one of the strongest finishes we've seen here, a couple eagles in the last five or six holes. Talk about that finish today.
SAM SAUNDERS: Yeah, that's what this tournament is all about. That's what this format allows you to do. I was having a slow day, but that front nine played tough. Andrew made it look easy, and it was kind of one of those moments where I had to put my blinders on and not worry about what he was doing and know that I had some birdie opportunities on that back nine. It would have been reasonable to think that I could reel off four or five birdies without much trouble on that back nine, and to make it two eagles -- works a little better in this format.

Q. You'll be in the final group seeking your first TOUR victory tomorrow. What's that going to be like?
SAM SAUNDERS: It's going to be fun. I've known Andrew for a long time. He's playing great golf. He's obviously in a great position in the FedExCup, and I think we're both going to be out there trying to win this golf tournament tomorrow, and it'll be fun. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Q. Speaking of the FedExCup, you're right on the bubble. This is a big opportunity for you this week.
SAM SAUNDERS: Yeah, absolutely. But I went into this week saying I want to win this golf tournament. I've finished top 10 here the last two years. I really enjoy this golf course. The staff here does such a good job. The course here is in incredible condition, considering the flooding they had a week and a half ago, two weeks ago now. They always do such a fantastic job. I'm really excited to be in a position where I am tomorrow, and hopefully I can finish it off.

Q. You talked about trying to put your blinders on. Is it tough in a format like this where you've got to be aggressive and you see your playing partner start to make some putts, try to stay in the moment and not press?
SAM SAUNDERS: Yeah, and for me, it really came down to I didn't make the putts on the front nine. He made everything today, and then I made the putts on the back nine. It all works out. I stayed aggressive today like I have been all week. I'm hitting a lot of drivers. I'm playing as aggressive as I can within reason and trying to just give myself an opportunity to make birdie on every hole. But when you get out of position here like I did on the 9th hole, you can't get overly greedy trying to save a par sometimes because bogeys don't kill you out here. The doubles are what really -- you feel like you take two steps backwards. I can live with making a few bogeys during a round of golf out here because I know I'm the type of player that makes enough birdies to offset them.

Q. Will it be easy to put out of your mind that you're this close to getting that first TOUR win?
SAM SAUNDERS: No, I'm going to be thinking about it all day tomorrow. I'm playing to win. I try to do that every week. If I had 15 wins, I'd still be wanting and thinking about winning all day tomorrow. Yeah, maybe it's harder when it's your first. We'll see. I've been in the position before that I am now. This isn't my first time in contention to win on Sunday, so I'm far more prepared for what I'll feel tomorrow. All I can do is play my best golf and have a good attitude out there, and if it works out, great. I'm going to be going for it on every hole, though.

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