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August 4, 2018

Yu Liu

Fife, Scotland

Q. Good day, bogey-free?
YU LIU: I didn't realise until you told me.

Q. So how did it feel today?
YU LIU: I think my game is just really solid today. I didn't play the par 5 as well as I would have liked. Only birdied one. Missed some short ones on the par 5s. Other than that, I think it's very solid. Very happy.

Q. And you had a stretch of four birdies in five holes. What clicked in that stretch?
YU LIU: My putter was on. I wasn't making any putts in the first six holes, but I had some opportunities that I just wasn't able to convert any. So the first one really got me going. After that, pretty good day, I can't he.

Q. Does that happen to you a lot, when you make one, you rattle off like several in a row?
YU LIU: Yes, because my putting tends to be maybe the worst on -- compared to a lot of my game. But I think I'm getting better, and today was -- I just stayed very patient and putts started dropping.

Q. Making the cut, it's your second major, and playing really well, putting yourself in good position for a good finish, how does that help you and your confidence?
YU LIU: I feel like I'm just getting more and more comfortable out here. It wasn't easy as a rookie because every course is new, and every event is new. Especially playing with players, big names that you're so used to seeing on TV, I think getting comfortable is the key and putting myself in a good position really helps.

Q. Do you think you've figured out a good routine for yourself?
YU LIU: Definitely, yeah. Coming into every week, I know exactly what to do, what my schedule should be like, every day. That helps.

Q. Are there any courses that you had played before this year or are they all new?
YU LIU: Lake Merced. U.S. Girls' was there a few years ago, and maybe the course in Shanghai and Blue Bay.

I was in California playing earlier in the season, but I didn't play well. I guess knowing the courses would help, but it really depends. It comes down to how your game is.

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