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August 4, 2018

Ariya Jutanugarn

Fife, Scotland

Q. Round of 70 today. You've been a shot better each day. Maybe 68 tomorrow?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I hope so. I've been working so hard to try to play better golf on this course.

Q. How do you reflect on 69 today?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I'm going to say today some pretty good holes but still I miss a lot of tee shots and I miss a lot of putts.

Q. You won last week, the Ladies Scottish Open, so clearly, the love of links golf is coming. How much are you enjoying the challenge this week?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Well, I mean, this course, I'm going to say one of the hardest one that I have ever played on the links, and you know, I feel I'm going to learn a lot from last week that's going to help me this week.

But when I see the course, I'm like, wow, maybe not, it's so tough. You have to be like really patient with every shot, first shot on the tee, second shot on the green and especially even missing the bunker.

Q. How special is it getting back to world No. 1?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: It's very special, because last week, I talk to my caddie during practise round, I really want to win on a links course, one time in my life, that would be enough. I told that to him.

I didn't think about world No. 1 anymore because I feel like last time when I think about that, I can't play golf -- but I feel really comfortable.

Q. Do you feel more ready to deal with the pressure now that you've achieved it for the second time?
ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I'm going to say, I don't know if I'll be okay or feel good about that, but last week I told my coach, like right now, my goal is I want to have fun under the pressure, so let's see what's going to happen.

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