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August 4, 2018

Sung Hyun Park

Fife, Scotland

Q. Third round 69, you're in a great position going into tomorrow. Just tell me a little about your round today and how you're feeling ahead of tomorrow.
SUNG HYUN PARK: So the putting wasn't really good as I expected, especially the line wasn't clear to see. But I think the birdie on 17th hole was kind of turning point. I thought it was a pretty good birdie and for tomorrow, I think I'm in pretty good position.

Q. It's looking like the two leaders going into tomorrow are going to be non-major winners. Can that help you tomorrow?
SUNG HYUN PARK: Of course, it will help, having a major, winning experience. But I think whoever does a great job on that day, the last day will have good results.

Q. Is there anything in particular that you're enjoying about Royal Lytham and playing links golf this week?
SUNG HYUN PARK: I think putting is really good to have on the links course, and I think the green speed really fits me well, so I think I'm going to have many birdies. I've had many birdies so far.

Q. Are you enjoying playing in front of these British crowds?
SUNG HYUN PARK: Yes, I do like them because I didn't expect that many crowds from the first day, and I like how they are very nicely like clapping and like shouting for me.

Q. You've won to majors already but what would it mean to win the women's British Open, specifically?
SUNG HYUN PARK: No particular reason for the British, but I would say just third major winning, if I win this one and I think I'm going to gain more confidence.

Q. So your putting, you didn't putt well today?
SUNG HYUN PARK: I did putt well today.

Q. I saw an Instagram, you were FaceTiming your dog. Do you do that often on the road?
SUNG HYUN PARK: Yes, I do that often, very often and there's a time difference between U.S. and here, so not so many as I do before, but I do FaceTime a lot.

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