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August 4, 2018

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

Q. Georgia, how would you grade your performance in the third round?
GEORGIA HALL: It's much harder than the first few days. My long game wasn't quite honest it today but I putted very, very well and holed the putts when I needed to.

Q. What will you do when you think about approaching tomorrow's final round, trying to be just the fourth English woman to win a major championship, to prepare yourself mentally?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I don't think about too much in the future. I think just do every hole as it comes and 18 holes is a lot and anything can happen on that golf course. I'm just going to go out there and play every shot as it comes and just kind of try and stay to myself and not look at what's going on much too.

Q. Will you draw upon your experience last year?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, Kingsbarns, definitely, I was in a similar situation, final group. I think I'll be a bit more relaxed. There was some tricky pin positions today, and they will probably put even harder ones out tomorrow. I just have to play to the right parts of the green.

Q. It was a roller coaster emotionally at times. What's the biggest emotion now?
GEORGIA HALL: I think just relief the round is over. I did play really well but my long game was a little off and I was in some tricky position. I had to hole quite a lot of putts to save me, so to shoot 3-under, I'm very happy with.

Q. You had to dig deep and you're not going down without a fight, are you?
GEORGIA HALL: Of course not, it's the British Open, I have one day left and I'm cutting down the days a little bit because four days is a long time, especially on this golf course. It does take a lot out of you mentally, as well, and a 2.45 tee time is late in the day for me, so I had to wait this morning, which I don't really like.

Q. What do you do between now and tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: Just going to relax tonight and have some dinner and try to wake up very late tomorrow and have a late breakfast, and might do 20 minutes putting before my normal routine, as well. I'm very excited to go out in the last group again and see what happens.

Q. And you'll be the big draw top, home crowd, a lot of people following you. Are you ready for that?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I couldn't believe how many people did today. It was so nice to see so many people supporting me and just hundreds and hundreds of people all cheering my name. It was so nice to have that backing behind me and hopefully I can give them something to cheer about tomorrow.

Q. We know what happened the last time the Women's British Open was here. If you are to repeat what Catriona Matthew did, what is it going to take tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: I think just a steady rounds with quite a lot of putts holed. We'll see what the weather is like. It could be a bit windy tomorrow, so I think just not make any silly mistakes if I can.

Q. How huge was it to finish with that birdie at the last?
GEORGIA HALL: It was a tough pin, like 44 on, so I had quite a long shot in. I hit a really good 5-iron to about eight-foot and managed to hole the putt. That will make dinner taste a little nicer today.

Q. How critical was your putter today?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I holed a lot of putts, a lot of 20-footers, as well. It was very important on the front nine. The scorecard looked steady but it was actually quite a battle, and to hole the one on the last was a bit of a bonus.

Q. What's it been like this week, having everyone cheering for you? Does it give you a boost or more pressure?
GEORGIA HALL: I'd say a little bit of both today. Seeing so many people behind me and cheering my name, and also so many people wanting me to do well, and I want to do well for them really.

Q. What will you do between now and tomorrow?
GEORGIA HALL: Just go for dinner, not sure what yet. Just try to go for a nice, late breakfast tomorrow and come out at the same time.

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