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August 4, 2018

Pornanong Phatlum

Fife, Scotland

Q. Another consistent round. How pleased are you?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Today still nervous right now, and yeah, I just try to play on my best, and I played very solid round today.

Q. You don't look nervous, and everyone is chasing you down. How do you keep calm out there?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Well, I just keep singing on the course and just try to be like come down and relax on the course.

Q. Tomorrow will be a very big day. How do you stay calm tomorrow and what do you think it will take to get your hands on the trophy?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think going to do same thing and just going to try my best tomorrow.

Q. You've seen Thai players win majors. How proud would you be to take the trophy back to Thailand?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: It's going to be hard to say. Just going to focus on my game and just have to do the best tomorrow.

Q. You played really steady out there, 3-under 69. How would you describe your round today?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think everything hard -- I got nervous, too, so just try my best and try to play like the best for myself.

Q. What do you do in that situation what you do get nervous to try and stay calm?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Just try to singing on the course and yeah, just keep singing and make me like more calm down and not get too much nervous.

Q. What sort of songs do you sing to yourself in do you sing out loud or in your head?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Just in my head, Thai songs.

Q. How are you feeling in this position leading a major championship? What's that experience been like for you?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I'm very happy. My experience is very good right now.

Q. What will you do to prepare for Sunday's final round?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: The same thing. Just try to be relaxed tonight and tomorrow, do the same thing.

Q. How did you see your round today?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I'm very happy now and I played solid round today. I got nervous when I practise on the course, and just try to calm down and just try to play on my game.

Q. You didn't look nervous out there with some of the shots you were playing. How did you overcome that? How did you manage to get yourself to the top and keep yourself there?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I just play my game and try to concentrate on my swing and when I nervous, I just try to sing a song.

Q. Just being in this position, what is this like for you?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Feel really happy. Yeah, really exciting. Just very happy right now.

Q. What was the atmosphere like today? What did it feel like playing today? Was it different than normal?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah, more nervous, and yeah, so exciting to play major tournament. Yeah, get more nervous for today and just try to calm down and relax.

Q. You said you're nervous, but you're playing some fantastic golf and you holed a great putt there on 18. What was going through your mind?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah, just keep try to concentrate on what I have to do and thinking on my head helped me a lot today.

Q. What are some things you tell yourself to stay calm and relaxed?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Sometime like we didn't think anything, just keep singing or just focus what I have to do and don't watch the leaderboard or something like that.

Q. Did you say singing?

Q. Do you have a favorite?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah, I start to do it last week, too, and it's helped me a lot. It's all Thai songs, just like keep singing any song.

Q. Do you listen to those songs on the range while you're warming up?

Q. And that gets in your head?

Q. Tell me about the pink golf ball that you play. You've been playing it for how many years?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think seven years.

Q. And is it always pink that you play? Do you play with other colours?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Just pink. Only pink.

Q. No one's won a major with a pink golf ball. Have you thought about that?

Q. Is your brother still involved in your golf?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: No, not caddie anymore. Just do the business in Thailand.

Q. What's the outfit for tomorrow?

Q. Is it palm trees?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I don't remember.

Q. Do you tell your caddie, Chris, the night before? Did you send him a message? Have you ever got the outfits wrong?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: No, no. I send him the picture.

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