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August 4, 2018

Mina Harigae

Fife, Scotland

Q. Another really solid round out there. How do you reflect on it?
MINA HARIGAE: I hit the ball pretty well today but my putter was the one that was working for me.

Q. Fast start, as well. Did that calm any nerves that you might have had out there?
MINA HARIGAE: Honestly, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be straight from the get-go but definitely that birdie on the second hole calmed me down.

Q. Pretty interesting after the turn, as well. There was a bit of everything. A couple of frustrating ones, but you must be delighted that you were able to get those shots back instantly?
MINA HARIGAE: I missed a couple short ones on the par 5s but I definitely made a couple long putts, too, so it all evened out in the end.

Q. You're sitting very nicely heading into the final day of a major. How comfortable are you with the position you're in and going out there in one of the last groups tomorrow?
MINA HARIGAE: Surprisingly pretty comfortable. I'm having a great time this week and hopefully more of the same tomorrow.

Q. I've read that you throw clothes out after you've had a bad round.
MINA HARIGAE: Where did you hear that from? Sometimes, yeah, but I'm really happy with what I'm doing right now.

Q. How would you sum up your day?
MINA HARIGAE: I hit some good shots. I made a lot of good putts and I just missed a couple short putts that were kind of annoying.

Q. Did you see this coming, contending this week?
MINA HARIGAE: Yes and no. I'm surprised at how -- kind of surprised at how well I'm playing but I have been playing well for the past two months. So it's a yes and a month.

Q. Just reading some things, it sounds like you came through some rough times but you like where you're going now. What's been the change or difference for you?
MINA HARIGAE: Multiple things. I went back to my old swing coach that I had the most success with over the off-season. My boyfriend that caddies for me, Travis, he helped me with putting and that's probably the biggest thing this year.

And then I started working with a new sports psychologist, as well.

Q. Jeff Fisher is the coach, right?

Q. And when did you work with him and how long until he came back again?
MINA HARIGAE: I worked with him starting my senior year in high school and then stopped after my first or second year on Tour, and then I just started again. It's probably like a seven- or eight-year gap.

Q. What led you back and what do you like that he's doing for you now?
MINA HARIGAE: I think just the fact that I remember I had the most success with him and that was probably when I was hitting the best, as well. So I said, can I come back, and what I really like about him is he works with what I have. He's not trying to mold my swing into anything. He says, hey, your body does this, your body doesn't really do this this well, so let's just do this.

Q. Who is your sports psychologist?
MINA HARIGAE: Debra Graham. Dr. Debra Graham.

Q. What's the big key there?
MINA HARIGAE: She basically taught me how to, I don't know how to say it. Just focus better on what I'm trying to do. Not so many thoughts just running through my mind the entire day. Compartmentalize.

Q. Was that on the golf course?
MINA HARIGAE: Golf course, and even actually off the golf course it helps a lot.

Q. What's your boyfriend's last name?

Q. And when did he start on your bag and help with the putting?
MINA HARIGAE: He started helping with my putting last off-season, actually, and then he's just permanently on the bag since Toledo.

Q. What's he done to help you with the putting?
MINA HARIGAE: Like everything. Mechanics, basically. Kind of the same thing as Jeff. He's like, I just do this, so I'm not -- I guess I'm not a conventional player and so he got me away from trying to putt super conventional. He's like more -- become more feel-type of putter.

Q. Do you change grip or anything?
MINA HARIGAE: I basically swing the putter head a lot now. Kind of like Rickie Fowler kind of.

Q. Did you like this course straightaway?

Q. Why?
MINA HARIGAE: I think it just fit my eye really well. I didn't -- there's nothing about it where I'm like, e WWW.

Q. How would you describe this journey you've been on? Hot shot kid that won multiple California Amateurs, then probably not playing as well as you would have liked to and then you're on the leaderboard at the British Open. How would you describe this journey?
MINA HARIGAE: The past couple years, it was really tough. It was -- I wasn't having fun anymore on the golf course. I was really lost, honestly, and finally this past off-season, I felt better. It got to the point where I almost didn't want to play anymore. But now it's like -- it helps that I play well and I'm playing well, but golf makes sense to me now again.

Q. You're not lost anymore. You're having fun?
MINA HARIGAE: Yeah. A lot more fun.

Q. Your record at the majors hasn't been great in recent years. Were you down about that in particular coming into major championships or is it more satisfying doing this at a major?
MINA HARIGAE: Playing well? Yeah. I think my problem during majors was I would make it a big deal and change what I would do preparing, but this week, I just treated it like any other tournament.

Q. What's the story behind the Pac-Man logo?
MINA HARIGAE: The company that invented Pac-Man sponsored me. My dad just met the president at a Christmas party randomly at the start of my career.

Q. What is that?
MINA HARIGAE: Fan Dynamico (ph). They are based in northern California.

Q. Are you too young to have played?

Q. Were you good?
MINA HARIGAE: No. I didn't even know there was like a specific way to play it to beat it.

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