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August 3, 2018

Andrew Putnam

Reno, Nevada

Q. Got yourself in a good position. That was some back nine you played there.
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, I played really solid. I don't know how many points on the back nine. But quite a few. Shot, I think, 30. That eagle was big.

Q. Does it feel good to play, be in contention with 36 to go?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Yesterday was kind of so-so. I felt I hit it good. Didn't score well. And the front nine was good. One good nine gets you back in there.

Q. What do you like about this format, particularly?
ANDREW PUTNAM: You know, I feel like my game typically is geared towards firm, fast, courses that you've got to think your way around. But been talking with my caddie and some of my coaches and gotta figure out how to play little more aggressive. That's the name of the game on this kind of format. So it's good for me.

Q. You've been having a particularly good year, is there any reason for that, something you've changed?
ANDREW PUTNAM: Just been playing good. I don't know. I feel like I've been being more myself out here and comfortable with the PGA this year. So that's helped.

Q. What would you say about the course conditions, felt like the wind kind of was picking up there towards the end? Was it a little bit more difficult as you were finishing up?
ANDREW PUTNAM: You know, we got an easy draw. 7.00 a.m., it was pretty cold this morning. So the ball wasn't really flying. But no wind, really. And the guys this afternoon, they're going to have a little more of a test than what we had. But the last few holes, you know, they didn't blow more than ten miles an hour. It wasn't too bad.

Q. You guys played very well. Do you feel you feed off that energy when everybody else in the group is scoring well and the team --
ANDREW PUTNAM: When you're seeing good shots being hit and the ball's going in the hole. Start feeding off each other.

Q. What will you take from today that can propel you over the weekend?
A. I think just good momentum boosts. Could have been just a so-so day. I feel like this week I'm on vacation staying in Incline Village. So that's the approach I've been taking. But I'll take it a little more seriously. I'm in contention and going to have a good chance.

Q. Any other family in town? I know this is about as close as you're going to get to a home game.
ANDREW PUTNAM: My parents are in town. My wife's here and some other friends from Arizona. So, yeah, should be a fun weekend.

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