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August 3, 2018

Hudson Swafford

Reno, Nevada

Q. Ten points today. Nice round. Can we get some comments on your play?
HUDSON SWAFFORD: Yeah, last two days have been solid. Just been feeling good with the putter. My speed was off a little off this morning. And ran a few by on the quick greens. But all in all been putting beautifully. Ball control's been good. Just trying to get on the greens as fast as possible to give myself a chance for a few points.

Q. Highlight of the round there on 14, with the eagle. Take us through that hole.
HUDSON SWAFFORD: Yeah, it's crazy. My playing partner yesterday, Rod Pampling, made it look easy. I figure play pretty similar yardage. Today I hit a great little wedge shot, landed short of the pin, hot pass and spun, and I told it to disappear and it disappeared. Eagle five points is definitely nice in this format.

Q. You played well last week. But really dating back to the John Deere Classic, that final round, 66. Anything going back to that point or that you found here recently?
HUDSON SWAFFORD: Just getting comfortable. I sat out a lot this year. I've been hurt. It's been a long year. Started swinging good. Found something what I was doing right after the Greenbrier. And it was great to see -- John Deere is not a place I've historically played great and when everybody's shooting low numbers. But I saw a good low number the last round. It was solid. And kind of just carried it over in my off week. So the golf swing is starting to feel better, starting to play some pain-free golf. And the putter has been very solid.

Q. Talk about your injuries this year, just let us know.
HUDSON SWAFFORD: I was driver testing on the West Coast. A little cool. Probably hit a few too many. It was San Diego week. And then I strained my intercostal lat muscle. And it's kind of plagued me all year. I probably played a little too much. Just being a little behind the eight ball. Played Phoenix the following week. Probably shouldn't have. Sat out a few weeks, started feeling better. Played Honda with no pain. Came back home in my off week and reinjured it. Tried to play Tampa and Bay Hill, two tournaments I enjoy playing. And it was bothering me terribly. So I sat out three weeks after that. I was really kind of behind the eight ball and maybe forced it a little too much in the middle of the season and reinjured it again after I came back. And then just I had to sit out six weeks. Didn't touch a club. Got a shot in my T-9 right in my spine. Been feeling better. But ultimately the goal now with the win last year is to be 100 percent come October. So I'm just kind of picking out a few towards the end of the year that I enjoy playing golf tournament-wise and just trying to keep sharp. It's nice to kind of see my swing kind of come together, playing pain-free golf. But I just want to play the FedEx come October.

Q. I know that's your goal October. But talk a little bit about the FedExCup. You've improved in the standings every year you've been on the TOUR. Need some play down here to make it into the playoffs.
HUDSON SWAFFORD: You never know. Hitting a lot of solid putts, hitting a lot of good golf shots. Definitely the goal to get into the playoffs. I have improved every year. Golf game has gotten more consistent and more solid every year. So it would be a shame to let this injury kind of set me back. But there's a few good golf swings left. I might sneak in there. You never know in the playoffs.

Q. You touched on the format. What do you like about this format and the tournament in general?
HUDSON SWAFFORD: It's fun. It's a beautiful part of the country. Other than a blowing 20 here. It's great weather. Golf course is in phenomenal shape. It's just different than what we do week in, week out. And you get to think a little different on the golf course. You can be a little more aggressive. Bogeys don't hurt you as bad. So you can play a little more aggressive. I just think it's fun. It's just a change of pace from what you do all year.

Q. What are you going to take from today that could propel you through the weekend?
HUDSON SWAFFORD: How patient I was. It was my speed on the front nine wasn't nearly as good as it has been on the greens. Still made some nice putts, but a few 3-putts, which is kind of uncharacteristic lately. But staying patient. But you never know. Holing a wedge shot, getting five points in this is huge. Boosts you up the leaderboard. Stay patient. Never know what happens. Might make a shot, make a eagle on a par-5. You can string together some birdies together out here. So you're never out of it. So just kind of hang in there.

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