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August 3, 2018

Ollie Schniederjans

Reno, Nevada

Q. You have the lead right now. A lot to deal with in Reno. You have the elevation and altitude. Swirling winds out there today. Talk us through that.
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Really never played anything like it. It was unbelievable. Whole different direction on every shot there on the back. And the altitude and trying to figure all that out. Hitting shots that were exactly where I wanted them, the wind ended up opposite of what I was hoping for. The shots got really tricky. So much to factor in.

Q. How frustrating is that, standing over a ball, hit a good shot, depending on certain wind, come up either short of green or over the green?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: It's frustrating. But everyone else who is out there this afternoon is dealing with it. Costed me big time on 7. Got in to off the tee and I hit it and it went straight down to the left. I just gotta make good swings. And it happened a handful of times today but a lot of times it stayed; it was completely inconsistent.

Q. Back in the booth trying to analyze your putting, can you give us some insight on what you're trying to do on the greens?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I just take the right hand completely out of it. With the claw, pretty much zero pressure with the claw, and just pretty much left-hand dominant. Did that all year. Putted pretty steady all year.

Q. Is there a certain spot on the green, looked like the freedom in the stroke, maybe outside 15 feet, get more tenuous inside that?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: It's inside, short, long, all the way. I spend a lot of time working on my putts and my speed. That's something I put a lot of time into. And then the mechanics of the stroke, just feel really solid, basically just not using my right hand. Putting the speed with the stroke together.

Q. Just tell me about being in position to win this tournament going into the weekend?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, good spot. Exciting format. A lot can happen this weekend. Gotta make some birdies, get another eagle. Jump up there. Was building a gap there and didn't finish very well. I'd like to get out there, try to get back in front.

Q. What about your golf game do you feel like suits you to this golf course?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Nothing really. Just if I'm playing good, I'll do well wherever. And I'm hitting it well right now. I hit a lot fairways today and gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. You were given a sponsor exemption a couple years ago. Would it mean something even more to you to make this your first PGA TOUR win considering they gave you a chance a couple years ago?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I think it's really neat to get an opportunity right when I turned pro, this is one of my first starts as a professional. So certainly grateful for that still. And it would mean a lot to win this; it would be amazing.

Q. What do you think it's going to take?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Probably 45ish. I think that's what it normally is. And just depends on the wind. If it swirls again, it's hard in the afternoon to make birdies with the swirling winds. Depends on the weather, it's going to be in the 40s.

Q. With the golf game what do you have to do put yourself on top?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Play smart. Judge the wind right. Judge my distances right. Make good executions and make some putts.

Q. Do you feel confident?

Q. I would just talk a little bit about your round as a whole. I know you said a little bit frustrating with the winds and stuff trying to determine. Just talk about the round.
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I played really good. I had it going really nice and at the end there it just got ridiculous with the wind. It was all over the place. So I hit three or four shots on the back nine that I hit perfectly fine that ended up in ridiculous spots. Just completely all over the place with the wind every five seconds. So it was super difficult dealing with that because you could make a good swing and it could be nowhere near what you're looking for because it changed directions every second.

Q. You were talking about (indiscernible)-- you said you've been doing that all season. How difficult was that when you first started doing that in terms of just mentally making that transition?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: It wasn't that hard. I've always been pretty left-hand dominant. And I've built up the strength and stability with the left hand. So you gotta put in time and get that strength and stability but I had that and just works for me.

Q. And you do it every distance?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: No, I have my hand on my -- my right hand on there but my grip pressure is just really light. On the longer putts it's probably more like a 2 out of 10. On the short ones it's like a 1 out of 10.

Q. You feel like you have made some strides with that stroke?
OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah, I've been top 50 in putting this year. And I was negative the year before. Big improvement. Putting has not been an issue this year I just haven't been on top of my full game and that's coming together now, and that's the difference.

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