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August 3, 2018

Brittany Altomare

Fife, Scotland

Q. Kind of a roller coaster around a little bit for you. Both of them. What's been the key for you to get back into rounds when you have that happen?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I just think for me it's always been just not getting emotional out there. I think I'm pretty good at staying pretty level. You know, bogeys are going to happen out there. I mean the bunkers are deep. The bounces. I mean it's links golf. So I think just knowing that and then also knowing that if I attack the holes that are birdie holes, then birdie those and I can afford a few bogeys. Maybe not as many as I had, but --

Q. So what did you tell yourself after you went back to even for the day and you finished three birdies on your last four? What are the things that you tell yourself going to the next tee?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Well, I knew I had a pretty reachable par-5. So that was good. And then the next hole was a pretty short par-4. So I was like if I can just go birdie, birdie on those two and then hold on on 17 and 18, I will be satisfied with that round and that's exactly what I did.

Q. Is it easier to justify like bogeys here than it would be elsewhere just because you know it's going to happen?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I guess a little, yes. I still don't like them. Yeah. I mean because the bounces -- I remember last week on 11, I hit it straight at these three bunkers and so did the other girl, and my ball happened to bounce over them and hers went in. I mean you just really can't control the bounces out here. But just staying patient I think is the key.

Q. Do you have a really good memory? Like do you remember every shot every round?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I have a decent memory, yeah. I think my dad has a really even better one. But yeah, I can usually remember.

Q. Did you feel like you'd play well here going into the week?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah. I've been hitting it well, driving it well, and I think you really have to drive it well out here because it's pretty narrow. So I just thought if I could drive it well, then I'd have a chance.

Q. Putting yourself in a pretty good position for two rounds in a major, how does that feel for you?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Good. I like being in contention. I was starting to get into it at the end of last year, and it's just a really fun position to be in. It's a lot of fun. I hope I can make some more birdies this weekend.

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