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August 3, 2018

Catriona Matthew

Fife, Scotland

Q. That was a big difference really, wasn't it?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: It was a big difference, yeah. I mean I was distraught on 15, and then the chip was, to be fair, going a little firm. Just gotta take the breaks, so it hit the middle of the pin and dropped in. And then the last couple holes were pretty tough actually with the wet and that. So I hit really good rescue onto, 17, 2-putts and then pure drive again down the left, but rescue, looked like it went in the bunker. And the bunker shot was always close, but bonus when it drops in.

Q. Nice to get the flourish as well from the fans at the end. Appreciative of that?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Always nice to get that.

Q. Are you feeling good making good headway?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Absolutely. Yeah. I feel like I'm playing pretty well. I've been struggling to make a few cuts, so it's nice to make the cut and now I can just relax and enjoy the weekend.

Q. What do you attribute it to the last couple of days, just wee breaks maybe?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I putted pretty well this week. Probably took my chances. Made a few birdies. I knew I was going to make the odd mistakes, but birdies and a few breaks.

Q. What did you work on after last Friday when you said your game was struggling? Is there something in particular?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Just really worked on what I was trying to do. I just I think got too tentative there on that Friday and was falling behind and just couldn't catch up. So just to pick my mind and just hit it, try and stay more aggressive.

Q. The Solheim Cup still a bit of work in, but in some ways Georgia played so well last year.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I'll definitely be looking.

Q. Are you surprised to see her?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Not surprised at all. She is a fantastic in the Solheim. Played really well this year, maybe not quite as good this year so far. But obviously played pretty well last week and right up there this week.

Q. She's got a personality that seems to fit into your team a bit as well, doesn't she?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah. Really nice girl. Yeah, she's definitely good to have on the team.

Q. As they said, yesterday you kind of remember the few, the shots, this, that and the other from '09?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, it is always nice to come back to a course you did well on. Definitely better memories than if you played bad.

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