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August 3, 2018

Georgia Hall

Fife, Scotland

Q. Georgia, many congratulations. That's now 36 holes bogey free. What a way to start this major.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. Actually, I'm happy, and there was some tough pin positions today, and the weather got a bit not very enjoyable the last few holes, but there wasn't much wind, so I tried to take advantage and hit some close to the pins and left me a couple of easy tap-in birdies. So I was happy.

Q. But it was off that platform of a really very, very steady composed start?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I think with eight pars in a row, and on a normal golf course you might be a bit shaken by that, but on this golf course I was still very happy, and I told myself to stay patient, and on No. 9 I hit it to about two foot. So that kind of got me going for the round.

Q. Have you ever gone this long bogey free?
GEORGIA HALL: No, never.

Q. What was the previous best?
GEORGIA HALL: Just one round, I think. One round and like four or five holes. So I'm happy to not get bogey, yeah.

Q. So what do you put this down to? Obviously you're delivering at what is the biggest week of the year for you.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. You know, I've kind of worked towards this week the last couple of months, and last week really helped me. And I feel I'm putting quite well and hitting the balls good, and I think my course management is the key for me. That's why I'm playing well so far.

Q. And what are the keys to that course management here because I know you chatted a bit with Ken Brown, didn't you?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it's just landing short of the bunkers off the tee. I think that's the main thing around here and always try and have an approach shot to the green, which I think I've had pretty much all the time. And you know, the greens obviously because the rain as well are still very slow, so I like hitting them quite hard into the hole which I'm doing now.

Q. Is one of the big jobs now to just sort of control your emotions ahead of the weekend a little bit?
GEORGIA HALL: I was in a similar position last year, so I know what it feels like. So I'm still pretty calm and not really feeling much at the moment, which is good. I don't want to feel anything. So I'm just enjoying it, and hopefully I can play well tomorrow.

Q. Great stuff, Georgia. Thank you very much. Cheers. Second straight bogey-free round. You said yesterday how proud you were with no mistakes, the 67. How proud are you to back that up with 68 today?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think coming in I'm even happier, to shoot 4-under today, and some of the pins were fairly tough, and I'm just so happy to not get bogey still. So I'm just, you know, I'm just really enjoying it, and I'm putting well, so hopefully I can contend tomorrow.

Q. You're certainly one of the home favorites out here, got some big crowds following you. How do you handle the pressure of playing in such a big event so close to home?
GEORGIA HALL: I think it just makes me happy that I see so many people supporting me. I don't feel really any pressure at all. I just go out there and try and commit to my shot, and when it happens, it happens. I try not to worry about too much and hopefully sink some putts.

Q. Are you aware at all of what you're trying to achieve in becoming just what would be the third British woman to win this event since it became a major? The last, of course, was Catriona here in 2009.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. Well, I'm not thinking about anything yet because it's only two days and I've got two more days to go. We're only halfway through. So I'm going to just try to not feel anything. I didn't feel anything on the golf course today, so hopefully I can stay the same tomorrow, and you know, there's still loads of holes to play and anything can happen on that golf course. So I'm just going to keep going.

Q. Speaking of tomorrow, you should have a fairly late tee time, you finished pretty early today. So a little bit of time between now and when you tee off in the third round. What do you plan to do?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I didn't have hardly any time yesterday and today, very early start. So I think I might go for a nap and get my nails done and just, you know, have a look around, I think, and just relax.

Q. Perfect. Enjoy. Well played today.
GEORGIA HALL: Thank you.

Q. 36 holes, right up there. You must be delighted with how it's gone so far.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I'm extremely happy. I played quite steady out there, and my course management was very good. So I'm happy the way I played and putted today, and lucky I only had about two holes in the rain. So I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. Yeah. You almost missed the rain two days in a row. What do you think has been key for you these first couple of days?
GEORGIA HALL: I think off the tee I did quite well off the tee and gave myself a good chance heading towards the pin, and I've holed a lot of good par putts, and just when I happen to be able to manage to get up and down every time. So I think that's the main reason why I've been bogey free.

Q. You've also got your dad on the bag this week, and everybody wants to make their dad proud. Does it give you a little bit of extra motivation having him on the bag, not just out there competing in a major alongside him again, but potentially going to win it with him on your bag?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. You know, I'm quite an independent person myself, and you know, I like to -- it's easy for me to motivate myself, but I mean obviously having my mom and dad here and my boyfriend, they give me a lot of support, and it's always nice to have my dad on the bag and them watching as well. So I don't really get that playing in America, but it's very good when I'm here.

Q. You also had, I think, a practice round. We didn't know this. You had a little walk around with Ken Brown. What did he say to you? Did he bring his bag of tricks?
GEORGIA HALL: It was just a very chill nine holes really. We were just chatting about everything and just when he used to play around here, which is a lot different than the way it's playing this week. But you know, he's just a really relaxed person and fun guy to know.

Q. Any rubber ducks? Didn't play any rubber ducks?
GEORGIA HALL: No. Unfortunately not. Maybe next time.

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