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August 3, 2018

Mamiko Higa

Fife, Scotland

Q. So how did it feel after playing so well yesterday to have another good round today?
MAMIKO HIGA: Same as yesterday. I could play my golf and with good rhythm. And maybe the fifth, sixth, seventh hole, birdie, eagle, birdie. So I could get going with the good rhythm. So that three holes were key for today.

Q. How did you make the eagle? What clubs and distances?
MAMIKO HIGA: The tee shot, driver. Second, 3-wood and left to 15 meters and two-putt from there.

Q. Did you feel like you were going to play really well this week? Did you have a good feeling?
MAMIKO HIGA: I can't see another days, after two days I don't know what's going on. I'm just going to focus on every round, every shot, so that's the way. I can't imagine another two days.

Q. This is your third Ricoh Women's British Open. So what would it mean to win this major championship?
MAMIKO HIGA: I feel good going into the championship right now.

Q. What are the major differences from this type of links course to the type of courses in Japan?
MAMIKO HIGA: The weather changing so fast. And the course, you can see all the way around. In Japan I can't. And the ground is so hard compared with the Japanese course. So that's the three maybe main points that are different.

Q. Chako was the major champion in '77. So what do you think the reaction would be if they had another major champion from Japan?
MAMIKO HIGA: It's going to be a huge impact.

Q. Women's golf in Japan, how popular do you think it is compared to other places around the world?
MAMIKO HIGA: They're very popular. And you have a lot of audience in every game, spectators. So I think it's a very, very popular sport in Japan.

Q. Obviously you know Chako. Who is your role model in golf?
MAMIKO HIGA: Ai Miyazato. When she start playing golf, she was already playing golf international. And not only me, everybody is looking for how she plays and everything.

Q. How old are you and where are you from in Japan?

Q. Which town? City?

Q. Same city Miyazato?

Q. And I was going to ask, sorry, we didn't get to the 17th hole. You were leading 11-under, and obviously you had a double bogey on 17. I think you hit the second shot to the bush on the left and it went out of bonds, and then to the bunker, a nice shot and one-putt. So what went through your mind after that happened?
MAMIKO HIGA: I wasn't panicked. You know, if you're playing on links course, it happens. So it went in the bush, you know, I thought about, okay, let's finish with a double bogey and just focus on that.

Q. No problem.
MAMIKO HIGA: No problem.

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