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August 3, 2018

Teresa Lu

Fife, Scotland

Q. Another good round today. What did you do well out on the course today?
TERESA LU: Actually, my shot wasn't as good as yesterday, but my putting still working. So yeah, some par saves and some birdies.

Q. Did you get into any like big trouble on any holes today?
TERESA LU: Big trouble will be two bunkers. Bunker on par-5 and bunker on the last hole. Have to chip out and par save.

Q. How does it feel to put yourself one back of the lead right now in this major championship?
TERESA LU: But still, it's still early. Anything can happen tomorrow. So I don't know.

Q. Do you think you have enough luck to win this week?
TERESA LU: So far, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Q. Are you working on anything in your game right now that's paying off?
TERESA LU: Yeah. I think I need to work some low shot and try to hit the ball straighter, because I wasn't hitting the ball straight today. Good luck, good bounce. It bounced back. But have to work on that.

Q. So you're on the UL International Crown team.

Q. For Chinese Taipei later this year. How will it be to play in that event again, because you played before; right?
TERESA LU: Yeah. We were the 8th place to get in the field. So that means we are not as good as others. But we have to work hard, and it's Match Play, so you don't know. So we have to be challenged, be aggressive.

Q. Do you feel like you've been aggressive this week or not so much?
TERESA LU: Not so much because the green, the bounce, I didn't know the course very well. So I didn't know how it bounce. So all my birdie putt will be a little far away from the hole. So yeah, maybe tomorrow start to be aggressive a little bit.

Q. Have you done anything fun or interesting around this area?
TERESA LU: Yeah. We took a walk to the -- how do you say that? The scene park. Took a walk there. And on the coast. Yeah. It's interesting. Amusement park. That black boat.

Q. Oh, yeah, yeah. Got ya. Did you do the roller coaster?
TERESA LU: No, no. Just walk through.

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