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August 3, 2018

Pornanong Phatlum

Fife, Scotland

MODERATOR: Welcome, Pornanong Phatlum to the Ricoh 5-under par 67.


MODERATOR: It's quite a 36 holes. You've had no bogeys and it's your first time at Royal Lytham. Tell me a little bit about how you're feeling and what the secret to your consistency is over the first two days.

PORNANONG PHATLUM: I feel very happy right now. I think the key this week for me, like I'm very confident on my game a lot this week. So I just try to play my game and try to plan every day get away from the bunker so I can hit like every shot like very good on the round.

MODERATOR: You don't play links golf every week. You say you try and avoid the bunkers. Is that the main thing you try and do or is there anything else to your strategy each day?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah. Pretty much every day.

MODERATOR: Sure. You're one of nine Thais in the field. Have you spoken to Ariya about her win here before today?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: No. We like play different times yesterday. But I talk with her last week after she won, and she like, well, like try to plan every day like hit every shot like do the best.

MODERATOR: Sure. Yesterday you told us that you saw your coach last week for the first time in a year. Can you tell us what your coach said, what might have triggered the change or are you doing anything differently?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: He said right now doing pretty good, and yeah, that's on your swing and just concentrate every shot when you hit the ball.

MODERATOR: There's been no major swing changes, just kind of a mental thing really?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah. And just little changes.

MODERATOR: Okay. We'll open it up to questions.

Q. I think your record in this tournament is like cut, cut, cut, 27, cut, cut, cut, in this tournament. So it's quite an extraordinary change to go from that record to your position now. How do you explain the difference?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: You mean like --

MODERATOR: You've made one cut.

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah. Links course is pretty hard for me. Every year I just try to plan to do my best. And yeah, I didn't have good times, so right now I just like got more experience and like more confidence on my swing, so it's just doing like everything.

Q. When you came here what was your expectations for the tournament? What did you think you could do?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I was just think about the wind, how the wind was going to be. So I just plan every shot like just try to hit the best every shot.

Q. And if someone said to you you would have 67, 67 and lead the tournament on Friday, what would you have said to them?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I tell myself like, wow, I'm play really good on like links golf course. So like just keep telling myself like yeah, I'm good to play on the links course.

Q. How has the success of Thai women in golf, how has that been received in Thailand? How has the nation shown its appreciation? Have you felt it?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think Moriya and Ariya Jutanugarn they inspire like all the Thai golfers a lot. And so we know like we can do it and we can like win tournaments on tour. So everyone like just try to do like I mean like work more hard.

Q. Can you explain, you said you saw your coach yesterday for the first time in a year last week. So why was there such a gap in the year? Why did you have to wait a year?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I have two coach. So I have like an American coach and Thailand coach. So I thought my swing going to be okay, but it's not. So I have to see him, yeah.

Q. The conditions the first two days there's been no wind. Would you prefer no wind over the weekend?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: It doesn't matter. Just try and play my best. And hard to tell about the weather.

Q. Who are your coaches? What are their names?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Stephen and Tom. Thai coach.

MODERATOR: We'll get that.

Q. And do you have a favorite place to eat, a Thai restaurant that you go to locally or where do you go?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: You mean in here?

Q. Yeah. Where are the Thai players going?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Thai players going? They have some Thai restaurants like about 20 minutes from here. But I don't have car this week, so I just really eat Chinese food to the hotel.

Q. Are there a lot of juniors coming through in Thailand because of the success of Ariya and Moriya?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah. We have like small growing up a lot. And we have more player play on Thailand tour last year. Right now like more are more Thailand people.

Q. What inspired you to get into golf? Was there one player that you looked up to?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: The first is my dad. He inspired me. And he crazy about golf a lot, so I just go with him and play together.

MODERATOR: Is he a good golfer?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Golfer? Lorena Ochoa. Yeah, she's very smart girl and very silly and she's a lovely girl.

Q. Can you recall your first visit to the United Kingdom to play golf in Britain? Can you remember how that went? Was it good or bad?
MODERATOR: Can you remember the 2011 Ricoh Women's British Open? Was that the first time you played here?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: First time. Yeah.

MODERATOR: And what were your first impressions?


MODERATOR: Is there something you liked, something you didn't like?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think everything on the golf course is very tough. Everything tough, so like I just enjoy when I come here and, yeah, just come and^ visit everywhere when I come.

Q. Since Ariya became the first Thai player to win a major and the first to become No. 1, has the media in Thailand paid for attention to women's golf? Do you find media more interested?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah. I think a lot of media like interesting about golf stuff, and yeah, like Thai people like interesting about golf, too.

MODERATOR: Do the newspapers still have Ariya on the back page or on the front page or do they have Kiradech there as well? Are they writing more about Thai golfers?


Q. I was just going to ask, you haven't been in the lead in a tournament in a while. What's that like for you being the leader of a golf tournament?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Well, I think getting my second time leader on this tournament, so, yeah, that's -- well, at least first time already, but I'm very happy right now. And I don't know, I just going to be like really exciting tonight and I will try to like more calm down for tomorrow.

Q. And which players have you been spending time with this week off the golf course?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Wichanee Meechai. I roommate with her. And yeah, we talk a lot and we like more relax and like just watching drama together.

Q. Which was the first time that you led a tournament? You just said this is the second. Which was the first tournament you led?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: I think in Malaysia like on the third round.

Q. You said you've been watching some dramas. What dramas have you been watching?

MODERATOR: Any particular names?

PORNANONG PHATLUM: Like (indiscernible). Something like that.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about your birdies today, what happened on the fourth, what club you hit, what putt you might have held.
PORNANONG PHATLUM: No. 4. The second shot is about -- I hit 7-iron. Yeah, and it's about nine feet.

Q. Okay. And then made the putts. What about the sixth, par-5?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Par-5. Yeah. Par-5, I hit about 50 yards from the pin and hit like about three feet.

Q. Three feet? And made the putt. On 7?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: And 7, 7, the third shot about 95.

Q. To how far?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: How far -- about 12 feet.

Q. 12 feet?

Q. Okay. And then 10?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: 10. 10, I hit first shot 3-wood and then second shot is about 140 to the pin, and I hit 7-iron and hit to about 15 feet.

Q. And made the putt?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: And made the putt.

Q. And then 16?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: 16, yeah, second shot I hit 53 degree about 85 yards and hit I think to almost 20 feet.

Q. 20 feet. And then made the putt?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: And then made the putt.

Q. Okay. Great. Thank you very much. That's it.
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