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August 2, 2018

Bronte Law

Fife, Scotland

Q. Looked like you had a pretty good day for most of it today.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. Couple of mistakes at the end. I got unfortunate on hole No. 16, hit to the back of the green, thought I hit a good shot, and made bogey there. And just hit loose drives. There was only one really today, and that was on 18. So I made bogey there. But I had a lot of chances out there. I mean I could be easily at one point 7-under quite easily. I created a lot of chances, hit a lot of greens. Yeah, considering the weather, we had some nasty weather in the middle of the day. First round, it's always good to get an under-par round, especially in a major.

Q. Yeah. You were out first this morning. So I'm sure there was a real sense to make the most of that.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. I mean it was still windy this morning when I teed off. It's probably calmer now than it was when I teed off this morning. So there wasn't really that much of that benefit that you would have thought playing links golf. I teed off at 6:30 last week and it was a different story. I really did make the most of the calmer conditions. But I think, yeah, there was definitely wind out there this morning. We battled through some rain, too. So it was a grind, but I'm definitely pleased with it.

Q. I was going to say, all things considered, it's an excellent start, isn't it?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. It's not far from home here this week. So it's nice to see some friendly faces out there, which I'm not that familiar with now living over in the States. Yeah, it was good fun.

Q. Yeah, I was going to make that point to you. Obviously you're from Stockport, but you're living in the United States. How much have you been looking forward to playing so local to real home?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. It's always really nice to have that kind of so-called home advantage of having lots of fans that you know out here. And the last time I played at an Open so close to home was Royal Liverpool, and that was my first time playing the British Open. So it's kind of a different experience for me this time. Obviously that was more as an amateur just trying to have fun, and now I'm here and it's business.

Q. And great to have a platform for the remaining three days now.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. Bronte, I know you came off the last with a bogey there, but overall you must be delighted with that.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. You know, I had dropped a couple of shots at the end which is obviously always unfortunate. But overall, you know, I would have taken 2-under at the start of the day. It's a tough golf course, and I think any time you shoot under par, you know you have to play good golf.

Q. Does it feel like coming back home? I know you're from an hour or so down the way, but this must be like home over here.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. It doesn't really get any closer to home, which is really nice. Yeah, I've only played the golf course once before, so although it's close to home, there's not that so-called like advantage that I'm getting by knowing the best place to hit it or the bounces here and there. So although I've got a lot of family and friends coming to watch, I'm still learning about this course, too.

Q. You mentioned family there. You're living at home during this championship. How has that been for you? And I've heard about the sibling rivalry. Are they your harshest critics as well?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, it's been nice staying at home. It's kind of strange, though, because you get into a habit of traveling on tour, going back and doing your own thing, whereas now I'm going back home and it's like all time with my family, which is kind of strange. But, yeah, I have a younger sister who's a dancer, so very fierce competitor as well. But she's not into golf at all. So she has no idea really what's going on other than walking around the golf course and getting wet.

Q. I understand as well that you are a fierce competitor in everything that you do. Do you feel like this score has put a marker down, a good solid start to compete for this title?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. Anytime you shoot under par in a major you wouldn't have thought you'd be that far away. The courses are usually set up pretty tough. So an under-par round is definitely something that I hope to build on.

Q. You might get more of the local weather for the other competitors this afternoon.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. This is normal for me. Rain and wind, it's nothing.

Q. You say you've played this course only once before?
BRONTE LAW: Well, there's so many golf courses around here and we didn't have that many like junior events here. So there was always an event, and it never ended up being here. So if there's no event here, then there's no need for me to play. I was a member at Hillside, so if I was going to come and play links golf, I would play there.

Q. Have you watched an Open here?
BRONTE LAW: I remember watching it when I was like this big. So I've been twice now to watch it here, yeah.

Q. And who were your heroes in those days? Who were you following?
BRONTE LAW: It's funny. I actually remember Laura Davies hitting a shot out on the par-3 nine, and there was like loads of people in the public behind on the balcony, and for some reason I just remember it. I have no idea where she hit it. But I do remember, you know, like vaguely the scenery as such.

Q. And that was Laura --
BRONTE LAW: Laura Davies. And I remember watching Lorena as well here. And getting golf balls from all of them and keeping them in my jacket like this wrapped up.

Q. Oh, did you? You wait for them?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah. I wanted to get as many golf balls as possible. That was more of the goal of the day back then.

Q. And who did you get them from, do you remember?
BRONTE LAW: I have them from Annika. I have them from Lorena. I think I have one from Paula. They're somewhere in my house. I have no idea where they are now.

Q. Are you giving them back now to kids?

Q. Do you do the same yourself?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. You said you had fun as an amateur coming here and it's different this time. How much did you come here to win? How serious are you about your chances to win here?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. I mean I turn up at every event obviously trying to win but the fact that it's on a links course and I like playing links golf, and I have had some good finishes recently this year and I've been building off that. So yeah, absolutely.

Q. And you're staying at home, so it's your sister and your --
BRONTE LAW: My parents. And my dog.

Q. What's the dog's name?
BRONTE LAW: Curtis. Actually after the Curtis Cup.

Q. Your family likes to name people after --
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, random.

Q. Are you named after anyone?
BRONTE LAW: Well, the Bronte sisters. My mom was a big reader. I've never read the books, which is kind of bad, I guess.

Q. And the dog is a what?
BRONTE LAW: A Springer Spaniel.

Q. What's she cooking you this week?
BRONTE LAW: Last night we had pizza. And it wasn't home made. No, it's just nice to be home and sleep in my own bed. Anything that you can compete at we will compete at, and I will never let her win.

Q. How much younger is she?
BRONTE LAW: She's 14.

Q. And her name is?

Q. Bella. B-E-L-L-A?

Q. Does she do any sports?
BRONTE LAW: She's a dancer. She goes to like boarding school and does performing arts. Yeah. She's very like driven in that area.

Q. How's your dancing?
BRONTE LAW: Not good. It depends. It depends what time of the day.

Q. Or night?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, exactly.

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