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August 2, 2018

Shanshan Feng

Fife, Scotland

Q. Shanshan, what a way to get up and down. Some people might call it up and up at 18. Right to the cup out of the bunker. Just talk us through those last few shots.
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I mean I didn't know that I hit my second shot that far, and I got in that bunker and it was a downhill lie, and what I was trying to do was to try to get the ball landing on the green and then, you know, just whatever, and I would try to make a putt. And I didn't actually hit it. I topped it. So the ball hit the pin and then bounced like to just between two bunkers. And then I was like, you know, I know this is a tough shot, but I went through my routine, and then I was like, I think I've got this. And then I made a good chip with contact and it went in. That was like a finish that made the round feel better because I finished with a red score.

Q. You definitely had it. You got in at 1-under par. We haven't seen you on the LPGA Tour since the KPMG Women's PGA Championship. I know you played in China, but you have had three weeks off. When did you arrive in Lytham, and do you feel rested for this major?
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah. I didn't do much in that three weeks. I really enjoyed my life back in China, hang out with my friends a lot and family. And I came on Sunday. So I arrived like Sunday afternoon, and I played nine holes Monday and then the pro am Tuesday. So I'm well rested.

Q. And it could be an extra special birthday this week, couldn't it, on Sunday?
SHANSHAN FENG: Is it Sunday?

Q. Yes.
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't know it's this week, but I don't even know it's Sunday. Yeah, and my parents are both here because they want to celebrate my birthday with me. And I'm taking my dad to St. Andrews next week because that's one of his dreams to play on the Old Course. So I think I'm very looking forward for the weekend and also next week.

Q. 29 years of age, Shanshan, on Sunday. Could be with a new major trophy. We'll have to see.

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