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August 2, 2018

Brooke Henderson

Fife, Scotland

Q. What a great opening day today. Not just a good day, but good back nine, 4-under par. What did you learn after your first nine holes here?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah. The first holes were a little shaky and I got into some of the pot bunkers and found that they were very difficult to get out of. But after that I kind of settled down a little bit. The back nine was great. I gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities and was able to make a lot of them.

Q. Are the bunkers really the key for this golf course?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, absolutely. You really need to avoid them. And early, like I said, I got into them and that was trouble, but after that, you know, I missed them and that's when I started being able to hit fairways and greens pretty regularly.

Q. This will be your fourth appearance in the Women's British Open. You've made the cut each time, but never finished inside the top 40. What do you think it is today that worked better than it has been in the past?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I think just every time you're over here you learn more and just the experiences that you really need. It's very different than what I grew up playing on. But I think today the wind conditions were very low, and we didn't see a lot of the weather, a little bit of rain but nothing too much, so hopefully I can just adjust over the weekend.

Q. Winner on tour already this season, confident, good playing today. Well done.

Q. What were the highlights today? What was really working for you?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Definitely the par-5s were key for me today. I did miss a short birdie putt on 6, but that's kind of where I got my confidence back. I was able to play that par-5 and have only -- I think it was only a three-footer. I did miss it, but then I went onto birdie the next par-5, no. 7. No. 11 I birdied and No. 15 I birdied as well. So those ones were really key, and just kind of settled me down and got me to relax a little bit.

Q. Cara mentioned your British Open record. Your overall major championship record is like really strong and then the British is kind of probably not what you want it. Has that been something that you've thought about and maybe wanted to address?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, for sure. I don't know. Just I get to the weekend and I kind of blow up a little bit over here. So hopefully this year I can just learn from that. But I think playing in New Zealand last year and winning there it was very links style and it was crazy conditions, so I think that was really a good learning curve for me, and I think it gave me a lot of confidence moving into links courses that if something goes wrong like it kind of did this morning, I just kind of relaxed and was able to come back from that.

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