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August 2, 2018

Celine Herbin

Fife, Scotland

Q. 2-under par opening round in a major. You must be very happy with that.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah. I guess so. It was good to play under par in a major. My game has been very steady today, I would say. I drove pretty well, the ball. And when I missed, I did some good recovery. So three birdies, one bogey, bogey on the easiest hole of the course. So there is always margin to improve, but I'm happy, of course, with that.

Q. So did you like playing in the rain?
CELINE HERBIN: I didn't mind at all. I always think that rain is easier than wind. Obviously the greens are receiving even better. And I didn't mind. I had a good caddie with me that I've been a lot, so we managed well just to play the same way.

Q. Are you still living in Spain?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah. When I lived in Wales -- when I got to Spain, I still got to practice, so I don't have to practice, and I go back to Europe, I go to France to visit my parents. But I don't really have a place.

Q. Global citizen.

Q. Did you play here in 2009?
CELINE HERBIN: No. No. It's my first British Open. In seven years I've never -- I've been quite under each time and I couldn't qualify never. So finally I made it to the first British Open.

Q. Fantastic. Well done.
CELINE HERBIN: Thank you very much.

Q. What a great performance. We were talking about the front nine being more easy. Do you think you have to make your score on the front nine here?
CELINE HERBIN: I don't think so -- I don't know. I don't see that too much. No. I don't think so because the front nine, the beginning into the wind, the first holes are not easy at all, the first three holes. The par-5, 15 is, I think, the easiest par-5. I think it's well balanced, this course.

Q. And do you still have Vicente Ballesteros?
CELINE HERBIN: Vicente. He's my coach. Yeah.

Q. Because his brother won here.
CELINE HERBIN: Two times. He was here, my coach, in '79, to give him a hug on the 18th hole.

Q. But you didn't bring him this time.
CELINE HERBIN: No. No. He came with me in the U. S. quite a lot of tournaments.

Q. Is there any connection with your caddie? Is he another coach or anything special?
CELINE HERBIN: No, no. He's a good caddie. He's been caddying, a lot of experience on the European Tour and on the PGA for I think two years already.

Q. Professional.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. And I got lucky to have him for this week.

Q. Wish you the best for the next three days.
CELINE HERBIN: Thank you very much.

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